#OscarsSoClueless--Academy Has Lots to Learn about Representation

Racism was a big topic at the Oscars, and justifiably so. But what about the sexism evident in the host's jokes and in The Weeknd's musical performance?<!--break-->...more

The #OscarsSoWhite Problem Is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

People hate it when you insist that there’s a lack of diversity in film. That makes me wonder if they simply don’t watch as many movies as I do. They probably don’t. ...more
Parthenia Queen I'm a bonafide cinephile so I always watch the Oscars. I can't help it. The new ...more

Oscar Night Snack Mix

Put on your pajamas and roll out the red carpet because tonight is the biggest night in Hollywood!It's Oscar Night at the Academy Awards!...more

Old episodes of Roseanne

Watching old episodes of Roseanne ! What a way to start this Academy Awards day!...more

Casting would like to thank the Academy® too!

I adore movies and nothing excites me more than Oscar Sunday!  I have spent months seeing as many of the nominated films as possible.  I’ve spent hours debating the merits of this years nominees with my friends and in the social media landscape.  My DVR is set to begin watching pre-event, Red Carpet coverage as soon as it begins.  I’ve printed my ballot and my selections have been made.  There is just one thing missing.My selection for the Best Casting in a Motion Picture.  Why?  Because this category doesn’t exist....more