How You Can Honor Autism Acceptance Day

People all over the planet are observing World Autism Awareness Day today. My autistic friends and my family, however, prefer to observe Autism Acceptance Day . ...more
MollyRyanYerrakadu Thanks for listening! I hope your family and friends are open to the conveying.more

Dealing with Stigmas

Stigma- noun - a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person: example, "the stigma of mental disorder" ...more

Stop Wishing To Be Enlightened So You Can Peacefully Live the Life You Have

I love inspirational stories. I love to read books about how others found the path to accepting themselves and embracing their journeys. It ignites a craving inside me. I want that too! So I follow their tips & techniques. I meditate. I question my thoughts. I spend time in nature. I adjust my diet. Everything they did, I try, because I want what they have!...more

Dear Life, Bring It On!

Today I will be using Blogher’s writing prompt, “Do you enjoy growing old or do you fight against it?” as my subject matter for this post.  Originally I had planned on sharing my Sausage and Gouda Stuffed Poblano recipe, but I guess that will just have to wait until some other time.  Stay tuned though if that sounds tasty to you (Ohh, and it is).I decided a couple days ago to use this subject for my post because it’s one that actually strikes a chord with me lately....more

Accepting Where You Are

“Now that I am trying to change, I don’t like who I am.”At some point, many of my clients say this or something similar. When they finally see a new way to be, but are not yet capable of acting that way, they begin to attack themselves.“I am a horrible person.”“Being this way is bad.”“It is wrong to act like this.”...more

It's Not You, It's Your Kid

When my son was 8 months old, he bit another child on a play date. I was embarrassed and felt responsible for my son's action. Would the other moms think I tolerated biting? It also terrified me to imagine what behavior loomed on the toddler horizon....more

Just Be You

Just be you.That’s the advice my friend used to give me when I would go off on a tangent trying to fix myself and figure out my calling and when I wonder about why I was here and what I should do and what other people think of me.I used to think he was just trying to get me to stop talking but now I realize it is really good advice.This came up again today when I was sharing a story with some friends....more

Today I cried.

Growing up, we never had very much. We weren't starving or homeless, but there were times over the years that I didn't have enough to eat. We had a big family: three generations, which included six children, living in the same house, being sustained by two salaries. Times were tough, but it was the only life I had and the only one I knew, so I accepted it. I accepted that I could not have what other people had. I went to a high school where children of rich people attended and I was one of the poor ones....more

What is Wrong With Him?

"What is wrong with him?"It's not the first time I've been asked this question by an innocent child at the playground. It doesn't get any easier to hear though.  Each time I choke on my own spit, my heart enlarges and pounds, and at the base of my amygdala I can feel the Mama Bear just wanting to come out and ask the little brat what's wrong with him..But it passes....more

Nostalgic Tailspin