The Big Reveal: Love Yourself More

What do I miss besides my youthful glow, my grown-up children, and that phrase “you have your whole life ahead of you”? A lot of things actually. Like writing a blog every day. Or being able to eat spicy food. Sometimes I even miss little things about owning a house - mostly the ability to do what I want with the outside decor each season or on holidays, wreaths, pumpkins, flowers, even answering the door to trick-or-treaters....more

Yea I'm Sensitive, So What?

I’m finding myself a little sensitive lately. Ok that’s not true, I’m always sensitive. In fact, I’ve been this way forever. I can’t help it. Nature or nurture, it doesn’t change the fact that I take things deeply and to heart without trying. ...more

Let's Focus on the People

In the last year, I would assume that you have seen, read, or been a part of a debate regarding one of the following: Black Lives Matter, Breast Feeding, Trump, Transgender people, gun laws, Hillary, Muslims, Christians or some other major debate. I am not against these debates. On the contrary, I believe a healthydebate can change hearts and minds and require one another to open their minds and learn about beliefs outside of their own....more

Forget Awareness. Let's Make It Autism Acceptance Month

April is all about autism acceptance for me, and also for most of the autism families and autistic people I hang with. Why the focus on acceptance, and not merely the "awareness" so many autism organizations push all April long? As I wrote last year: "Why acceptance? Because autistic people like my teenage son Leo deserve the love and respect that come with acceptance, not merely acknowledgment that autism exists. Awareness is passive. Acceptance is a choice." ...more
I've been particularly impressed by the cooperation btwn autistics & our allies toward that ...more

I Deserve Love and Affection - From Myself

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~ Buddha ...more

Seeing Beyond the Flaws

Most of us have learned not to choose a book based upon its cover. I have certainly learned the hard way not to choose a wine by its label. So I don’t know why I continue to be sucked into a film by its trailer—but that is exactly what happened last night....more
LifeIsUnfolding I am so glad I didn't listen to the critics. This film contains such important ...more

Accept responsibility for your actions!

What stops us from accepting responsibility for all that we do. Is it fear of being criticized or doing something wrong, or fear of the consequences. The reason is not important for our aversion, what is important is we overcome any hesitation by just embracing acceptance. Life flows freely when let go of all the negativity that tries to bind you to the past. Let the past go, instead live presently accepting responsibility a bold step to being the best you! ...more

Advice to Myself Upon Becoming a Mom

Social Media: The Gift and the Curse

It’s everywhere and ready available at our fingertips. Matter of fact, it is here to stay. I’m talking about social media and how it is affecting us. I love the networking and business aspects of social media the most, but as with anything, it has its pros and cons.1. If we don’t post it, it didn’t happen....more

HELP: I'm a kid stuck in a grown up's body, and my parents are getting a divorce

When my parents first told me they were divorcing we talked about it like it was an upcoming vacation. “Oh yeah, I’ve heard others say that it’s nice out there. And you’re going for how long? That’ll be great for you both. Am I upset? No of course not. I mean it would have been nice while we were kids but now that I’m an adult I can totally handle it. No problem. I mean, do you need help with anything? I can feed your dog while you’re gone? Sure, of course.” And that was that. They took off and never came back. The dog is sitting by my feet....more