How a Chaotic Saudi Mall Restored My Faith in Grace

“Acceptance of the unacceptable is the greatest source of grace in this world.” – Eckhart TolleI believe I need to shop at the local mall with Eckhart.Crazed drivers in the parking lots;Kids roller skating in the aisles;Frantic people pushing to buy cinnamon rolls;A huge mall with no store directory;All unacceptable! ...more

How Letting Go of a Spiritual Journey Restores Everyday Joy

“What’s all this talk about ‘being on a journey’ and ‘awakening?' I just call it living.  It’s that simple.”That’s my husband’s typical response to my spirituality rants. What usually results in silence and eye rolls, has recently got me to thinking.Sometimes I get so deep into discovering the meaning behind every thought and body twitch that I forget to live. Today I’m letting go of the self critique and analysis.  Healing is in living. Freedom is allowing.Simplicity reigns. Be here. Be now.Do only that which lessens the grip....more

What does it mean to be obedient?

One Foot in Front of the Other

A day like today we were at my beloved father's in law burial.It's been  a year since his passing.We've moved on by placing one foot in front of the other.Out of us all, my mother in law has endured the hardest part. If I chose a mantra for her, it would be "one step in front of the other".  With each morning she's had to get up and get going, placing one foot in front of the other to walk the difficult road of life. Most of all adjusting to living without her life long partner....more

How Do I Tell My Son His Friend is Now a Girl?

 My seven-year-old son Zach has been friends with, let’s call her Sara, for about 2.5 years....more

Funerals and Mental Illness

I love being Naked!

Nude I remember the very first time when I discovered nude as a color. I always understood nude only to mean naked,or without clothing. However, one  day when my grandmother got dressed for church and I saw her sit on the side of her bed and roll, what look like to me, a layer of transparent skin, up her legs. She was putting on a pair of thigh high stockings....more

A Very Special Thank You To A Special Boy

Summer is almost here. I had picked my blue beaded sandal to wear that day. As I was waiting outside my daughter’s art class, I felt a little nudge on my feet. I looked down to find two tiny little shoes trying to fit into the curves on the side of my sandal. I said to the little boy who seemed fascinated by my sandals “Hi There, I think you like my sandals.” He looked up, his forehead covered with beautiful golden hair and smiled at me....more

The Body I Have Today

The body changes over time. This isn't a new concept. Male or female, the body changes and one accepts this as fact.As a woman who's had a child, my body has changed dramatically, in some ways. I'm not the only one this had happened to.Sometimes though I wonder my place in the world when it comes to my changed body. These changes happened over time, but relative to overall changes a body undergoes, the changes happened in an extremely short period of time....more

"Be Like Water" Inspired by Bruce Lee

 "Be like water." ~ Bruce Lee...more