You Don't Have to Be Perfect, But You Can Be Good

Every few months I break down sobbing because I remember that deep down, I am fatally flawed. I am broken, defective, worthless. I am no good at anything. Everything that’s going wrong in life is my fault. I work incredibly hard at everything, and it’s still just not good enough. For a while tonight while I was crying, I thought I should go away for a week so my husband and kids could see if they’d do better without me. If they could, then I’d just go live as a hermit somewhere....more

Excuse Me, Please: My Daughter Is on the Phone

Thank God we have technology as I sit at my laptop scrolling through pictures and videos of my daughter who has spent the last several weeks with her other family halfway across the country. I don't feel the need to explain summertime visitation to you readers out there. We all know the routine, right? I'm sure many of you are living it right now, either waiting for someone to return, or dreading having to send them back. I'm waiting. ...more
@TW I love texting. I know some people think texting is impersonal, but if the alternative is no ...more

I Own This Face, Wrinkles and All

This is my face. For a long time I've wanted to disown my face. Years of smoking, laying around in the sun with no sunscreen, using cheap face creams, and basically not caring gave me drapes of wrinkles, some so deep they look intentional. Like how could someone have such significant lines on her face? Image: Janice Wilberg ...more
Yay for owning it!more

The Airplane Window

On my way home from San Diego last night, I stared out the window of the plane for two hours. The cabin was dark with only a few tiny lights on, many empty seats. And silent, no whispering conversations or headphone spillover, no babies crying or old men jawing about sports, no sound except for the steady, lovely roar of the engines. When the attendant came by collecting our empty cups and napkins, she was as shadowy and murmuring as the night nurse in the ICU....more

Learning to Live Aloud.... In my own skin!

Sometimes we make choices based on the fact that we're afraid to cross the lines that blur the freedom of being and personal revolutions.... But, we have to teach ourselves, our children, and those around us that.... It's ok to be! It's ok to be in your own skin And proclaim... Accept Me as I am and I you!Too often we walk around anxious and perplexed by the the thought that we just may be a little different than our neighbor/colleagues, those around us.  I think it's something were conditioned to be....more


I have begun taking a yoga class that is combined with a book club.  The book is what most people would call a "self-help" book that is about how to live your life Wholeheartedly.  I will be honest, yoga and self-help books have never really been my cup of tea; all that "ohmming", "finding your center", and "hooraying yourself happy" stuff has always made feel very uncomfortable. However, the class is being taught by a very dear friend of mine who has the amazing ability to make me laugh when my muscles feel as if they are going to explode, so I decided to give it a try....more

Embracing Our Selves At 50

 "The highest reward for a man's toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it" ~John Ruskin...more

Not a Day Over 34

It's my birthday. Like many women my age, I lingered in the bathroom mirror just a little longer today. I wrinkled my nose and furrowed my brow while carefully inspecting all the lines that time has given me. As usual, the unconscious, unspoken berating of myself began without me even knowing it. I've been doing it for about 30 years, it's a hard habit to break....more

That Darn Mission Statement*

My left eyelid has been twitching intermittently for two days.  Is it the lice?  Is it the husband being on...more


Oh WOW! I was watching Life Class on OWN and the question was: WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WEREN'T AFRAID? So often we go through life like a spectator of sorts. We disengage from life, family, friends, and our dreams because we live in bodies that we have grown to feel tremendous shame around. As the saying goes if you want something you have never had you have to do something you have never done. So, if you have never accepted your body, start accepting it today. You say I'm afraid, my body keeps selling me out by getting larger and larger....more