An Open Letter to President Barak Obama

Dear Mr. PresidentTonight, when you speak to the people of the United States, whom you have diligently, proudly and often times thanklessly led for the past five years, I am hopeful that you will be the example of what we all can be; exemplify the leadership that will heal this great nation’s body and spirit....more

I'd Like to Thank.......

With the Emmys having come and gone, I fantasized receiving the trophy like I do every year.  So, I’m going to share with you my acceptance speech for next year, because I want it to be just perfect when the time comes...and it will...really....more

Obama and Palin leave my heart exhausted

Though I am not a Democrat, I thought they put on a great show this last week. I couldn't help but admire their earnestness and eagerness to improve America. And no one can deny that Bill Clinton is a very genuine and persuasive speaker, he had even me wondering why it is I am voting for McCain? (Oh, yeah Iraq, energy and drilling, conservative judges, sanctity of life, the first amendment .) ...more