Yoga For a Better Mood and Better Body

How Yoga Helped Me Change for the Better...more

My Romance with Yoga

I heard the words awkward, clumsy,  skinny.    “Its okay, your brother’s the athlete of the family.”  “You are really good at the violin.”  The recording in my head was going full blast the first time I tried yoga.  No wonder this isn’t going well, I thought.  Everyone else must be athletic.  ...more

Inspiring Dana Falsetti

 I feel I need to get in shape before I can go to the gym.I feel I need to pick up some waterproof makeup that will look oh-so-natural to go to Equinox.I feel like everyone who is at Equinox has walked a Victoria’s Secret catwalk before.I feel like wearing “SoulCycle” tights is like carrying a Birkin bag, a badge of superiority, both fiscally and physically, walking around Soho on the way to brunch.These are just some of my thoughts on the “workout scene” in NYC today. And if you don’t think it’s a “scene” you are sadly mistaken. The girls I see in my Nolita coming from their workout are dewy and glow, like as if they’ve had the perfect amount of highlighter placed on their perfect cheekbones. I sweat when I properly workout; I also turn bright red. I used to think that my alma mater ten-year old college t-shirts, with some holes, were appropriate workout gear. Now it seems, unless you are wearing Yeezy trainers, or at the lowest, some Lululemon, you are grossly underdressed for the gym. The yoga scene in Manhattan also gives me acute anxiety. The last time I went to a yoga class was in 2005 at Chelsea Piers. It scarred me so much I’ve never so much as looked through a studio’s doorway since. A room filled with beautiful people, I distinctively remember the instructor coming up to me, telling me my alignment wasn’t right and I needed to move my foot forward. It wouldn’t move. I stood like a statue, unable to even so much as budge from my stance. He gripped my entire calf and tried to physically move it himself, like uprooting a tree trunk. I and it (my leg/foot) would not shift as I felt the side glances coming in from all around me. Much to my chagrin, he walked away. “Well, we’ll just have to leave it there,” he defeatedly said to me as he left. He never came back to my dark corner in the last row, and I never went back to yoga. Giselle does yoga, oh all the limber lithe models do. Their perfectly toned gams bend and stretch as they demonstrate their Namaste at some five star hotel whilst I gaze at their Instagram from my couch. None of this inspires me, it’s more of a voyeuristic stare that ignites in me a deep self-loathing. Yet, yesterday I felt truly inspired by a woman I’d never heard of. Her name is Dana Falsetti. Dana is strong, limber and excellent at yoga. However, she does not fit the “typical yoga mold.” She is of the heavier set, and she doesn’t cover up her body. Rather, she proudly displays her strong muscles which bend and stretch in this yoga stance and that downward dog. I was simply in awe as I scrolled through her photos yesterday. There was something so accessible and motivating about her doing yoga. I loved how unabashed she was about her trials in her practice and readily admitting how long it had taken her to get to where she was. Posting side by side videos of her not being able to do some ridiculous headstand pose ten months ago, to today, intensely moving up her body to a perfectly statue-still headstand. It left me in awe. Much of social media and our pop culture, feels filtered and “not real” to me today. Yet, Dana put her journey and herself out there for all to see. It encouraged and motivated me, and sparked something within. I showed her photos and Instagram to my Mom and sister, and they too were mesmerized by Dana. So much so that last night, all three of us did yoga. We were quite bad to say the least. Had some loud giggles and quivering legs, but we did it. And isn’t that what life’s about? Strengthening yourself from a place of weakness, accompanied by laughter. For this I will forever be grateful to Dana Falsetti, for reminding us of different forms of beauty and power, and of course, for her inspiration. Dana's Yoga Site*Please feel free to check out my blog and subscribe:...more

My Imperfect Path to Yoga

Denise Thank you! I am too. She's hilarious and I feel totally at ease with my imperfection!more

How Yoga Helps Anxiety & Postpartum Depression / She is A NURTURER

"She is..." with Luchia Dragosh is a talk show that celebrates the everyday woman who is bold to believe she can have it all....more

I am not perfect

I missed a few days of class. I haven't worked out since before Christmas. I missed a few posts from my blogging schedule. I am behind on my readings. I am human. As such, I have made mistakes. I have not been as productive as I need to be. I have watched TV or pointless Youtube videos when I should have been doing my work. I know all of this. ...more

What Yoga Is Teaching Me

Recently, and by that I mean this week, I started a new yoga regime.  I attend a great little studio and began my first class with some trepidation.  It's been a couple of years since I have done yoga or basically any exercise practice, unless you count drinking mochas as exercise.I wondered just how sore I would be, if I would be able to hold the postures, if I could control my breathing and most importantly, if I could survive the one hour class without passing out in the heated room....more

Yoga always there when I need it all these years!

When I was a teenager(which was many years ago, I won't say how many) I discovered yoga through an article in Glamour Magazine.  The article described the benefits of Yoga and shared the basic Sun salutations.  Even as a teen I was interested in discovering new ideas which made the exotic practice of yoga very appealing to a young girl from suburban Philadelphia.  I practiced my limited idea of yoga until going off to college for a even bigger adventure....more

Why I Practice Yoga

I practice yoga so that for 75 minutes I don’t think:Was it something I said or didn’t say, wrote or didn’t write, mumbled, uttered, whispered, thought or didn’t think?Was it the way I sat, walked, slouched, wore my hair, smelled, or didn’t smell?Was it what I wore? Were the jeans too casual or the jacket too bright?Was my laugh too loud / little/ often?Was I too confident, not confident enough, too smart or overbearing?...more