Yoga always there when I need it all these years!

When I was a teenager(which was many years ago, I won't say how many) I discovered yoga through an article in Glamour Magazine.  The article described the benefits of Yoga and shared the basic Sun salutations.  Even as a teen I was interested in discovering new ideas which made the exotic practice of yoga very appealing to a young girl from suburban Philadelphia.  I practiced my limited idea of yoga until going off to college for a even bigger adventure....more

Why I Practice Yoga

I practice yoga so that for 75 minutes I don’t think:Was it something I said or didn’t say, wrote or didn’t write, mumbled, uttered, whispered, thought or didn’t think?Was it the way I sat, walked, slouched, wore my hair, smelled, or didn’t smell?Was it what I wore? Were the jeans too casual or the jacket too bright?Was my laugh too loud / little/ often?Was I too confident, not confident enough, too smart or overbearing?...more

When Aspirational Marketing Goes Wrong: Lululemon and the Need for Inclusive Branding

 When I began practicing yoga regularly, I looked into where I would buy my mat and gear. The brand that was, at that time, becoming popular in the US was Lululemon. Walking around the city, it was easy to spot members of the Lulu tribe, sporting leggings with the recognizable logo, and carrying bags adorned with quotes like “Friends are more important than money.”...more

Can I cut myself some slack by embracing change, life imperfections included!

I'm always on a personal quest to improve, be better, be the best I can....more