Cross Post: I Sing the Body Perfection

Imagine my frustration when I realized I had uncovered yet another layer of psychological mess to work through.Body image. For goodness sake, I’m not a teenager. The days of awkwardness and low self esteem should be over. I am at the age of acceptance…Other people tell me I’m beautiful inside and out…why don’t I believe them?...more
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Cross Post: I'm Cute and I Know It - Body Perfection

Over the past 9 months, I have worked really hard to lose weight and have lost about 20 pounds. This was my personal goal. I began taking better physical care of myself after receiving some disturbing, not life threatening news about my health. Ironically, the news I received had nothing to do with my weight, but I took the news as a wake up call to start taking better care of my physical-self....more
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Oh WOW! I was watching Life Class on OWN and the question was: WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WEREN'T AFRAID? So often we go through life like a spectator of sorts. We disengage from life, family, friends, and our dreams because we live in bodies that we have grown to feel tremendous shame around. As the saying goes if you want something you have never had you have to do something you have never done. So, if you have never accepted your body, start accepting it today. You say I'm afraid, my body keeps selling me out by getting larger and larger....more

Oh My Gosh Becky Look at Her Butt

So yesterday I’m at Bertha’s Kitchen with my friend Becky. She is in line ahead of me, and just about to pay. I notice a man kind of standing to my right, just in my line of vision, obviously trying to get eye contact with me. Here goes the conversation: Me: how you doing? (which is what I say to everyone.) Him: Soul food, huh? Me: Yep. I’m here at least three or four times a month. Him: Well, it’s paying off (looks at my ass) It’s going to all the right places. Me: speechless Him: Y’all together?...more
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The numbers are ugly, if not hideous. I wake up every morning and dredge into the bathroom and peer down at that glowing blue screen....more

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Does Your Daughter Feel Pretty? Do You?

I do work at loving myself the way I am. When I run a few miles, I am grateful for the body that got me through it, despite that body carrying more pounds than I'd like. (Especially lately.) But, can't I love myself and want to change some things about me? Is there a way to teach daughters that loving yourself is not mutually exclusive to working to better the parts you don't love? ...more

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My body through my eyes

Last month I turned 34 and vowed to be a little kinder to my body. I want to give it more respect, to stop judging it so harshly, to discontinue defining it by society’s standards. I resolve to love my body for what it is, rather than continue to hate it for what it will never be. ...more

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