Can the 'Sharing Economy' Go Mainstream?

Following years of consumerism, technology has offered new interpretations of ownership. Competitive services touting the benefits of “sharing” and “access over ownership” have gained ground as viable alternatives. Consumers have revisited past generations’ routines of sharing, swapping, lending, and bartering. Businesses are allowing access to both tangible items and less tangible assets of space and skills. Sharing services are progressively gaining traction in densely populated areas....more
It took us years to remember to bring our own bags to the grocery store!   Consumerism is a ...more

Same situation, different interpretations, and an added helping of guilt trips

For the last two months, I have been gently trying to get my ex to agree to changing his access for the (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend...and today, he finally agreed to do it the way I've been suggesting (insert Happy Dance here!). May I repeat though...I have been working on this for TWO MONTHS...and Canadian Thanksgiving isn't for another two months! ...more


Things had been going so well. I’m in remission (after a serious bout with inflammatory breast cancer), my kids are happy, and I was out of the house today, doing the work I love. Things went great, all day … until I walked into a building downtown and was verbally accosted. ...more

I'd like to cut the guy some slack because people who misuse handicap accessibility really tick ...more

C-Span is Following "Us" to the Conventions

A huge Media House has decided to follow (us) bloggers, twitters, podcasters and others to the conventions. C-Span has finally joined the social media community in a big way. They will be creating hubs for the Democratic and Republican conventions. Bloggers (Citizen Journalists) will have access to videos for embedding and a place to link to sources for the "on the ground" stories. ...more

Your awesome! It sounds like you are going out and representing us well. I will stay tuned and ...more

BlogHer 2008: Accessibility of Westin St. Francis

For over a year now, I have been traveling and going to professional conferences as a person with a disability, a wheelchair and crutches user. Abilities and disabilities vary wildly. My own issues are most often bathrooms, distances, exhaustion, and stairs. I am less aware of issues and solutions for people with visual impairments and for the deaf or hearing impaired community; I apologize for not addressing those issues here. If you have mobility issues and wonder about the accessible geography of the conference, I have a ton of information! ...more

 I'd like to follow up with my actual experience of accessibility of the hotel.

 First ...more