Distressing medical costs in PH

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Angels as doctors

Taken from women.thenet.comAngels come in whatever form to our lives. My recent experience with grand daughter Susane Lorete Palmes showed that angels also come wearing the crisp, white uniforms of doctors....more

Whooping Cough Returns

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Tina has a migraine

I've been spending a lot of time with nurses lately. Intensive care is all about the care, and more so than any other unit I've observed closely, the nurse reigns supreme. My mother has had her own nurse most days, and each one has been terrific. I am awed by the skill and intellect they demonstrate in managing 3-6 pumps, hanging half a dozen medications in bags, deftly loading up food tubes and emptying what come out the other end, and being the hub of a wheel with spokes connecting to ten or more doctors, specialists, and other care providers....more

Not Just Bed Bugs: Pests Plague the Homeless Community

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President Obama Signs Health Care Reform Bill...

This morning I watched the live streaming of the President of the United States sign the health care reform bill into law!...more

Science at Last Trumps Ideology and Politics

It's been a way too long time coming, and who knows how many thousands of women women have been denied access to reproductive health care they needed during the delay? ...more