Croatia Through Wine and Food

There’s always a tipping point, isn’t there?...more

The Top 9 Things NOT to do at a Farmers' Market.

Because the Accidental Locavore was on vacation last week, and since it's getting to be peak Farmers' Market season, I thought it was a good time to re-run my farmers' favorite posting....more

Smoked Trout and Potato Salad Recipe

As things sometime turn out, the Accidental Locavore had just finished reading a recipe for smoked trout with potatoes from April Bloomfield’s A Girl and Her Pig when my husband started talking about how much he liked smoked trout, a factoid I filed away for future reference....more

Recipe for Garlic Scape Pesto

Is pesto a summer staple for you?...more

Accidental Locavore Farm Box Week 1: Without a Box

Still in shock from the loss of the farm and my weekly box, the Accidental Locavore started to figure out a solution. First up, a trip to the Union Square Greenmarket, with a hugely optimistic idea that there would be cherries....more

If A Small Farm Fails, Does Anyone Notice?

This past week and especially the weekend were especially sad for the Accidental Locavore. The news was something I'd been hoping—desperately hoping—not to hear for almost six months now. When I finally got in touch with my farmer about continuing our arrangement for my weekly farm box, he said he wasn't farming anymore. The hurricane and subsequent storms from last August had wiped him out. And a farm that had been feeding people for generations is no more. ...more
It was the weather that did him in. It's the one thing no one can control. Thank you for the ...more

7 Reasons Why Memorial Day is a Great Holiday!

Memorial Day would be a lesser holiday except that the timing of it is just too perfect! Without it, how we would ever figure out (without a calendar) when summer starts? As you and the Accidental Locavore know, the weather certainly can't be trusted!...more

Roast Chicken With Ramps, Asparagus and Capers

Have you been taking the easy way out and picking up pre-roasted chickens? Well, the Accidental Locavore is going to change your mind about doing it yourself at home!...more

The Best Fried Chicken in New York

Fried chicken has become one of those trendy food items in New York, if not elsewhere. The Accidental Locavore isn't sure why. Do you think it's because it's comfort food? Or that it's relatively inexpensive (even at high-end restaurants)? Today it’s time to put a stop to the endless arguments as to who makes it best....more

The Best Lunch The Accidental Locavore Knows

Because there haven’t been any recipes posted lately, you’ve probably guessed that for the past couple of weeks  the Accidental Locavore has done little or no cooking....more