Halloween - Fear the Pumpkin!

Many dangers lurk during the Halloween season.We worry about tainted treats being passed out on Halloween....more


Here I am on the fast track again.  I've been limping along on my old PC since June 28th, having killed my MacBook with a big splash of white wine....more

A Series of Unfortunate (Cat-Related) Events

Unfortunate (Cat-Related) Event #1: ...more
inevertoldher Yes, thankfully the unfortunate events were confined to the one day!more

Tell me before I pack the bags!

I was hoping to be telling you all about my trip to the East Coast to see family and friends. But, as the saying goes~ the best laid plans, blah blah blah. The night before we are suppose to leave for a week to see my family something happened. That something was my brother-in-law. He got sick and ended up in the hospital. My husband calls to tell me his brother is in the hospital and he has to cover for him at work, so we can't go on our trip. A couple of things you need to know: first, I already had the vehicle packed when hubby called, and second, the brothers work together....more

Preschool Pointers - 5: ReChildproof your Childproof

Problem: Your kid broke something. Again.Solution:...more

Free Falling

Here is who falls down flights of stairs:ClownsJason BourneMe(Just so we're clear, I use "falls" in a general way to cover, "intentionally falling down a short flight of circus stairs in order to get laughs from children," "being thrown down dark stairways by assassins," and, "slipping on too-long pajama bottoms with a.) no premeditated intent to fall, or b.) anyone threatening pursuing you from the bedroom behind you...and why would there be because it's 11AM on a Tuesday?")...more

School Bus Traffic Cameras: Why it's a good idea

Something I have seen trending lately is the push for traffic cameras on school buses.  As a mother of a school-aged child, and as an everyday driver I think this is a brilliant idea.This follows a push in the last few years of installing cameras on the inside of buses to m...more
@eekface your welcome! Great blog post!more

Life and Death: Haunted by a Squirrel

Yesterday, on the drive to piano class, Julia and I were taking notice of everything Fall. Piles of leaves. Pumpkins on porches. "Mom, look at that scarecrow!" "Aw, that's cute. Hey! Look at those squirrels. They're chasing each other." And just like that, they ran out into the road. The chase narrowly escaped an oncoming car, but the chaser, unfortunately, didn't. I sucked in a sharp breath and clapped my hand over my mouth. ...more
Just read your posting and it took me back to when I lived in Boston and the squirrels seemed to ...more

Somedays maybe you should just stay in bed

Seriously, it has been a rough couple of weeks. Between work, construction at the house, Alex, our cat’s tail amputation, and a revolving door of house guests, I don’t know if I am coming or going anymore. I am beyond the point of exhausted. But, as we all know, life doesn’t stop if you are tired, and there is no rest for the wicked.  ...more

and he sure had to use all the self control he could muster not to.... It couldn't have been ...more

sometimes even if you're up a creek WITH a paddle, you're still screwed

Sunday was the quintessential long day. we busted out of the house for a float trip. just my husband and i and twenty(ish) drunkards. who knew just how canoe capable one can be after a 12 pack and no breakfast?? i am not speaking of myself btw as i only enjoyed one frosty summer drink before losing the rest to the river gods (story forthcoming). it was supposed to be a simple three to four hour float followed by a bar-bq....more