I know you are but what am I?

As he descended the down the stairs and entered the dining room where my husband, Marc and I were sitting, the man who was installing the new compressor for our air-conditioning unit asked, “Excuse me? Do you have a band aid?” “Sure,” Marc replied.  “What happened?  Did you hurt yourself?” “Yeah… I cut myself.  I can’t make it through a day without an injury.”  As he placed the bandage on his arm, he continued....more

I Just Know

My kids are only two and a half, and already I find myself saying "I just know" on a daily basis.  But not to the kids.  To the other adults around me.It's a strange phenomenon, knowing something is going to go wrong, but being unable to specifically pin down what it is.  The babies will be doing something obstensibly harmless.  I have no reason that I can find to forbid them from doing it, but I often try anyway.  I just know.  The other adults around me will argue against my decision, rightfully so.  I can't tell them why I've decided against the...more

It's 'Gruesome Injury Day'! Let's compare accidents!

Following my accident yesterday (when a leg fell life-threateningly off my office chair), I read a comment on my blog by the lovely Bodacious Boomer, who sympathised and described herself as 'clumsy as an octopus on roller skates'. Man alive that visual made me laugh ........ and it got me reminiscing ........ yeh, I am probably one of the clumsiest bastards on the planet. To summarise, here are a few of my more memorable injuries over the years: ...more

Am I stressed?

A friend at work picked up a stress ball for me while he was on vacation.  He knows that I am always stressed at work, and can never sit still while I am on the telephone, so he thought this was the perfect souvenir for me.  I agreed and immediately put the ball to use.  Whenever I was stressed, I would squeeze the ball.  Every time I took a call, I would squeeze the ball....more

Momma said there would be days like this…

I began to unbutton my coat as I walked into my office the other morning.  And, when I did, I saw this….   Yes, somehow, I buttoned my blazer’s button into my raincoat’s button hole.  Being me, I couldn’t just let my snafu go unnoticed....more

Ding dong that tooth is gone!

So way back in 2005, my precious little baby face-planted onto the coffee table and knocked her front tooth in. Mercifully, I did not photograph the summer teeth (some 'er here, some 'er there...) It was frightening. And I have a tooth hangup. Teeth hangup. But here's a picture not long after the face-plant, in all of her 17 month old adorableness:...more

The death knell sounds for "safety" cameras

Hurray! Hurray! It's a hap- hap- happy day! After spending four days in Loughborough, I finally returned to Oxford to be greeted by this headline in the local paper:...more

The Cautious Approach to Life: Tips for Teaching Your Kids Gun Safety

The Sibling Difference While my brother and I ...more

April fools

I have a deep distrust of April Fools Day. I worry that the joke is always going to be on me. Maybe it isn't true. Maybe my memory is playing tricks of time on me. Maybe it was the day before or the day after or even the next week. What I remember was that it was April 1st. April 1st I stood in front of the bathroom mirror taking my time adjusting my side ponytail like only a girl in grade six can. When I was satisfied I went downstairs and joined my parents and sister at the kitchen table. I think we eating pancakes....more

It is funny how those dates stay with you. I feel the same way about Valentines day, I have had ...more