From Lonely Stay-At-Home Mom to Following Dreams and Successful Business Owner

Just two years ago Arti Verma was a lonely stay-at-home mom of three. Now, she is the proud owner of a busy cafe in South Edmonton.“I wanted to come out and interact with the outside world but I felt I had no hope,” said Verma.“I was happy with kids and my family, but you know, sometimes you want something for yourself as well- for me I just wanted to get out.”...more

What's In Your Future?

Do you have a vision for your future? Does even thinking about your vision make you feel nervous or intimidated? If it does, you aren’t alone! I can tell you about 80% of the women I talk to and work with feel the same way.Why? There could be many reasons for that but here are three common ones:...more

4 Practical Steps to Make Your Dreams a Reality

Yesterday was National ‘Wish Day.’ So hopefully, you found a way to check one or two wishes off of your list. However, like many of us you probably haven’t. Whether you hope to change jobs, go back to college, travel, or help others, you may feel overwhelmed by your day to day responsibilities, causing you to never give your wishes a second thought....more

Six Ways To Balance Your Babies And Your Dreams

I once assumed, like many, that motherhood would cause me to lose sight of my dreams, either that I'd be so in love with my children or that I'd simply lose myself.And that scared me. A lot.In spite of this fear, twenty-one months ago, I became a mom. And, in doing so, I learned that my early assumptions were all wrong. Rather than making me forget about my dreams, motherhood has made me realize new ones and given me the confidence to make my dreams, both new and old, become a reality....more
Love this. These are goals that may be hard to achieve, but yes, take it one day at a time. Work ...more

Living with Intent: Make a Birthday "Life Goal" List

 I just had a birthday a couple of days ago. The big 33. (That's right - I'm not ashamed of my age!) This year, I can officially say that I have lived a third of a century.   People always ask me what exciting things I did on my birthday, but I'm not one for birthday fanfare....more

D.A.R.E - D is for DO

  “I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply....more

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She's Got a Big Dream: This Will Make You Smile

Ann Curry on Twitter alerted me to this YouTube link. I don't want to give the video clip away, but suffice it to say I'm cheering for 47-year-old Susan Boyle in Britain's Got Talent singing "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables. ...more