Celebrating Small Victories

Today I want to talk about celebrating the small victories.  ...more

How I learnt a Failure is an Accomplishment....

NaBloPoMo nov.30 PromptWe all have our goals; short term ,long term, beyond expectations, etc.Everyday we involve in  tasks, each task leads to a particular goal. By the end of the day we achieve something after tiring ourselves. Sometimes we are uncertain of whether it deserves a celebration or not. In my point of view,every achievement is worth celebrating, not each one of them need occasions but at least a self-admiration; a compliment to that confused image staring at us from the mirror....more

The Fear of Flying

Many people out there are so afraid of success. Sometimes they know it, sometimes they don't. That sounds like foolishness. That sounds so contrary to popular belief but it is the truth. Fear of success is just as commonplace as the fear of failure. You come to be stuck in the one place you want most to get out of. You're not progressing forward or backward. You're just stuck. I've been there. I stayed there for many, many years....more

Are You Addicted To Busyness?

How many times have you heard variations on this conversation?Person A: How’s it going?Person B: I’m insanely busy. You know, the usual.Person A: Yeah, me too. I’m scheduling into 2015 already.Person B: I get it. Haven’t taken a real vacation in over a year.Person A: Well, gotta count our blessings for being busy, right?Person B: Amen.It seems to me that we wear busyness like a badge of honor. I’m busy, therefore I’m important and valuable, therefore I’m worthy. And if I’m not busy, forget it. I don’t matter....more
HI Lissa, Your observation regarding the addiction to busyness in our modern day lives is a sad ...more

Yeah, I Did That

In order to fully participate in NaBloPoMo, I decided to check out some of the blogs of other participants.  There’s a huge list on BlogHer.com.  All the blogs you could ever want to read!  I found some good ones and some that didn’t really impress me.  I do have to say, that I think as far as design goes, simplistic though it may be, my blog actually looks pretty good compared to a lot of others that I found.  Anyway, I digress....more

Fabulous Friday

You made it!!  Another week down and a weekend of open possibilities lies ahead.Think for a moment of everything you accomplished this week.  It doesn't have to be something major, the small stuff counts too!Did you get the dishwasher unloaded?  Yep, that counts!  Good job!Did you get a good night's sleep?  Yay!!!Did you talk with a friend?  Great!!...more

Sunday Run-down: June 27-July 3

Even though it's been July for a couple days now, I just can't get used to the idea that July 4th is tomorrow.  It's weird!  June went by so quickly!  But July 4th=holiday, so I'll take it....more

New Years Resolution In June?

by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore...more

Signing Off

Attaining my graduate degree was a bit of a process. I took the long road with a few side trips to stop and smell the roses, I suppose. But, I finished and have that piece of paper. That's all that matters, right? That you finish.My adviser and I had built a relationship during that long and winding time. I trusted him and had faith in him and an immense amount of respect. He called me on my b.s. and I tried to make him laugh. Then he would call me on my b.s. some more. He was very highly ranked in the graduate school, the dean of the program, actually....more

21 Days of Compliments – Day 2

              I was skimming down my Face Book page and noticed that someone was doing a 21 days of compliments to yourself. I thought it was a grand idea and decided to do the same with my friends because all too often, we put ourselves down rather than acknowledging our accomplishments and our talents. Yesterday, my compliment to myself was: I am a great organizer....more