7 Things You Are Doing That Will Prevent You From Ever Becoming Wealthy

Becoming wealthy, achieving financial success, living life on your own terms — these are all things people want for themselves when they think about their finances and their future....more

4 Things That Stop Self-Sabotage

Read in 6 minutes I’m guilty of sabotaging myself in the past. So, when I decided to look up the definition of sabotage in the dictionary to see all that it entails, I was shocked at what I was doing to myself. ...more
Loved this, it reminded me of self-kindness (or the lack thereof) and how hard we can be on ...more

Accept responsibility for your actions!

What stops us from accepting responsibility for all that we do. Is it fear of being criticized or doing something wrong, or fear of the consequences. The reason is not important for our aversion, what is important is we overcome any hesitation by just embracing acceptance. Life flows freely when let go of all the negativity that tries to bind you to the past. Let the past go, instead live presently accepting responsibility a bold step to being the best you! ...more

You and only you are in control responsible for your life!

The most powerful truth that I have assimilated into my being helping me to be the person that I am today is so surprisingly simple. Yes, so simple yet so hard for me to believe, actually strongly resisting that idea that I am in control of my life. Instead I'd rather give all my power to anyone but me! How many times I would say or think I had to do something, I had no choice, not accepting personal responsibility for my life. Accepting this truth, living your life being accountable releases you power focusing on your attention on your intentions....more

Change Happens When You Do

Have you already broken your new year’s resolution? Are you good at setting new goals, but can’t seem to hold on to them? As you may have found out, the real problem isn’t setting the goal or resolution, it’s… how to make it stick; make it work… this time. Research studies, year after year, have shown that less than 40 percent of people actually set goals for themselves for the new year, and of that, less than 10 percent are successful, after just three months of trying. The reason for that is you never change your behavior. ...more

We Need a Lesson In Accountability!

We Need a Lesson In Accountability!I call on people to be 'obsessed citizens,' forever questions and asking for accountability.  That's the only chance we have today to a healthy and happy life.  ~Ai Weiwei...more

Commit to Take Action Now With An Accountability Group

It is magnificent to make a commitment to take action now with the help of an accountability group. There are certain times on the calendar when people turn to goal setting, goal planning and resolving to do better. The times are predictable:...more

Puppy dog kisses and unicorn hearts

Today I will kiss the dog (and D) and dance with my kids and see rainbows everywhere. It’s either that or become a flamethrower, so thunderous are the clouds that have gathered. I’m alternating between extreme pissed-off-ed-ness and giddy smiles....more

I Need Some Accountability, How About You?

 It’s confession time. I have not been nearly as productive recently as I am capable of.  I’ve lost some momentum with the extra care my mom now requires and my NAMS trip.  So  I am taking the bull by the horns and making the changes I need to make in order to be massively productive.Let’s face it, less productivity means less income....more

Closing the Accountability Gap (Your Own!)

Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling your least energetic and the most confused about the way forward (which happens on a disturbingly regular basis to me anyway) there is always a BIG disconnect between the way you have decided to live and your actual life?   ...more