Until Death Do Us Part: A Social Media Exit Plan

A large chunk of our life has moved online. Our work, our finances, our friendships: they all have a space online, and you are the gatekeeper to those virtual rooms. People who are dying often think long and hard about making life easier for others after they're gone.  But the reality is that none of us know when we're going to go.  A simple thing we can do for the people we leave behind is give them the keys and directions to what we want done with our online life after we're gone. Don't bookmark this post and then put off the tasks indefinitely.  Set aside one hour today to make sure that you take these steps before you're gone. ...more
More than once, I have friends who have died and loved ones have not known what to do with ...more

Four Funds to Keep You Financially Fit

Keeping separate accounts for different financial goals/objectives might be helpful, but they can also result in account overload. In an era of internet banking, credit unions and frequent job changes, it's not unusual to have several 401Ks spread over different companies, or to have savings or checking accounts at three or four -- or more -- banks. Then add in the alphabet soup of HSA (health saving accounts), FSA (flexible spending accounts) and the variety of IRAs (Roth and traditional), and it's not surprising that some of us are asking: how many account is too many? ...more

Pay off your mortgage loan 6-10 years early and save THOUSANDS in interest with our proven ...more