5 Ways to Find More Energy

It is August, the hot, lazy, dog days of summer are here. It is a perfect time to relax, sip a cool drink and lounge around  doing as little as possible. And yet, I suddenly feel energized, inspired by potential and looking forward to the days ahead.  What is keeping me from wanting to be a slug, crawling under a rock for a nice long nap? A few weeks ago, I was feeling exhausted and burned out. Now, I am optimistically planning projects for the future. Where is all this energy coming from?...more

How To Mentally Commit To Your Vision

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February Goals

Today I'm sharing my blogging/YouTube/life goals on my blog, as well as how I did in January!Check it out here. ...more

My Running Medals

I have something to admit: I have felt a twinge of silliness after finishing a race and wearing a medal around my neck.  After all, I am an adult and I don’t really need a congratulatory medal to tell me “good job”.   In addition, with the exception of a few 5k medals where I won my age group, all my medals are “finisher’s medals”.  I often wondered, “Do I deserve a medal for just ‘finishing’ something I started?...more

The Secret of Success -- Gaining "The Inside Advantage"

An important message can be found in a story I heard many years ago. It’s one I have included in my book "The Inside Advantage:  How Ordinary People Can Accomplish Extraordinary Things." ...more

Life Rewards Doers

About three years ago, I had this crazy notion I couldn’t get out of my head. I wanted to move across the country to Portland, Oregon.Even though I had never been, and had lived on the east coast my whole life, I just knew that this is where I had to be. For an entire year, while I was finishing my master’s degree at Harvard University, I talked to my friends and family about my vision....more

What Could You Do If You Really Tried?

This morning, I ran the Women's Series 5K. I was supposed to run the half marathon, but due to injuries and a lack of training, I couldn't swing it. Even the 5K was grueling since I hadn't had the opportunity to train in three weeks.It was a great seeing so many women (and some men) come out and stretch their physical abilities to raise money for breast cancer research. However, my jaw dropped when the winner of the half marathon completed the 13.1 mile run in one hour and 23 minutes...and she's 50! The 2nd runner up was 24 years old....more

Not Sleeping.... visualising.

  I love a good band wagon and I will admit to finding myself frequently  inspired to try something new.... especially if it boasts life changing results (think Anthony Robins on a total gym 2000 wearing caffeine infused workout pants). It is the reason I avoid late night infomercials. Regular watching could bankrupt me! Another sadder admission is that my band wagon jumping happens in extreme slow motion. I am 'the sloth' of uptake. Link through to read on... ...more

What Greatness Means to Me

 This is a special post I penned specifically for Lewis Howes, the dashing LinkedIn guru, who is seeking a writer to train and join him for a few projects. This is my “application” to work with Lewis, but don’t be shy--let me know what greatness means to you!...more

When the Dreamers Become the Believers

Last month, I had the opportunity to emcee a red carpet event for a movie premiere. The movie is the second part of a trilogy that is the brain child of New Eden Productions. The Celestial Trilogy is comprised of Celestial Run (released last year), Celestial Hunt (which premiered in August) and Celestial Rising (which will begin production later this year). ...more