Every Victory Counts

It’s been two weeks since we last ordered pizza! Yes, its ridiculous that I’m so proud of that.I was chatting to a client today about long term goals and she mentioned that sometimes she feels like its so far away. Yes, a long term goal usually is far away, hence why its called a ‘LONG term’ goal. I told her, and it helped me realise, we need to celebrate every short term goal that is met, every small achievement and every step in the right direction....more

Looking back on my special needs child's year

As the year draws to a close it’s a great time to appreciate the achievements your child has accomplished during the past twelve months, no matter how small they may seem to others. It’s also a good time to regroup and look to the future – break a large goal into smaller steps and praise each step (or stumble) along the way. 8 amazing achievements from my special needs child’s 8th year of life: 1. She is finally sleeping through the night....more

Celebrating Milestones

As women we tend to be so busy working our way through the to-do list that we don't take the time to stop and celebrate. Then we wonder why we're so exhausted and feeling unappreciated. Go figure. Do you take time to celebrate milestones and accomplishments? Or, do you just let them pass by with barely a breath before you're onto the next thing? This week I happen to be celebrating a personal milestone - my partner and I have been together for 20 years - no small potatoes! And it got me to thinking about taking time to celebrate in general. ...more
@isthisthemiddle It IS a form of self-love.....and self-honoring. Glad it hit home for you!more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Taking Responsibility for Your Growth 12/12/11

   Today you might experience the double-edged sword of Karma!Provided your goal is in balance with the Laws of Karma, you may just be finding your way toward your goal!Take responsibility for your words and actions, and refrain from destructive promises that you cannot keep.Opposing Energies: resistance, broken promises, withholdingLikely any empty promises of the past will come to the surface today.Your manifestations of past indiscretions may emerge to mix in the energies of today....more

Give Your To-Do List (and Yourself) A Break


The Notion of Achievement

To put this entry into context I have to repeat that I am diagnosed with both Bipolar and Lupus. The formal diagnosis followed years of severe symptoms and misdiagnosis. Chronic, progressive illnesses that cannot be cured, only kept under control, have changed the way I live absolutely. Before what I could do and afterwards be sick, are exactly those that now I can’t do so I am not too sick....more