I came across Day Zero Project while reading a blog where the blog author listed 101 goals they would like to do in 1001 days. I thought it was very inspiring because not only do I love lists, but for some reason, I like adding up how many times I’ve done something or read something. This is probably because I feel like I’ve accomplished something no matter how small. It helps me to keep going and it shows how far I’ve come....more

Just DO IT Already! 10 Steps to Achieving your Goal!

Are ya thinking about making a change or doing something you have never done before? Well... What are you waiting for?!...more

I Finished Law School, Healthy, Fit, and Strong

At each station of my life, organization, determination, and the love of family and friends have helped me reach my goal. Finishing law school strong was no exception. ...more

Are you a Dreamer or an Achiever?

Oh yes, I dare ask this question and do you dare answer it honestly?  I once knew a guy that would talk and talk and talk about all these dreams he was going to accomplish.  Big houses, fast cars, lots of money and yet, none of his ACTIONS supported his words.  He remained in the same place (mentally, physically and financially) for several years.  There is a difference between being a "dreamer" and one who "dreams while they work".  Yes, out of the blue things can miraculously happen (I've experienced this myself) but more times than n...more

Keys to Success from Abby Wambach and London 2012

I’m catching up on sleep. My blood pressure has returned to normal. I haven’t wept in at least three days.That is to say, the London 2012 Olympics are over, and slowly but surely life is resuming its normal rhythm....more

Get Good Summer Launch...

Summer is a wonderful opportunity to set yourself some goals! Get thinking about some achievable goals you might want to aim for this summer! And watch this space... here Claire...more

How Quickly We Forget


Simple Process to Generate Ideas, Cultivate Creativity, and Achieve Your Goals

The key to a successful life is to keep moving forward. When you face a challenge, but are unsure what step to take next, or seem to be standing still, unable to achieve your goals, pause and give your mind the time and space to generate solutions....more

How 1 Simple Strategy Can Change Your Life

Trying to reach a goal, get organized, be successful, improve relationships or get healthy, but feeling frustrated? Our goals, projects, can appear so daunting, so unreachable. The end result seems so far away; we’re never going to get there.This simple strategy can help anyone.Go for the quick result, the small victory....more