That ship has NOT sailed!

Once upon a time, Peter and I bought a pair of bicycles. It had been years since either of us had been on a bike, so our excitement was tinged with a touch of nervousness as we each hopped on board and pedaled our way to the end of the driveway and down the street. But our worries were unfounded - as they say, you really never do forget how to ride a bike - and it was glorious! Childhood memories rushed back with the freedom of the open air and the feeling of the wind on my face as we sailed our way to the end of the block. ...more

BECOME YOUR OWN SUCCESS STORY......Not Someone Else's....Your Unique Lump of Clay To Mold...

BECOME YOUR OWN SUCCESS STORY…..Not someone else’s……YOUR UNIQUE JOURNEY….YOUR UNIQUE SUCCESS… What success means to one person may totally mean something different to another....more

Are you a Dreamer or an Achiever?

Oh yes, I dare ask this question and do you dare answer it honestly?  I once knew a guy that would talk and talk and talk about all these dreams he was going to accomplish.  Big houses, fast cars, lots of money and yet, none of his ACTIONS supported his words.  He remained in the same place (mentally, physically and financially) for several years.  There is a difference between being a "dreamer" and one who "dreams while they work".  Yes, out of the blue things can miraculously happen (I've experienced this myself) but more times than n...more


Ok, I am just going to start talking ( typing if you will)BiblioNiche?It all started with books .The first book I ever read was the story of Aladdin, as a child. Later in life I did find out it is one of the tales in The Book of One Thousand and One Nights ("The Arabian Nights")This is a 1946 Print by Earle Goodenow...more

I dream a dream: making your dreams a reality.

Dear Dreamer,Why are you still dreaming the same dream? Is it something you desire? Is it because there is a purpose burning within you that has not been fulfilled?Why are you still talking about that same dream over and over again? Is the dream part of your soul? Do you believe this dream is about your purpose in life?Why are you telling everyone about this dream and you have not taken a step to fulfill it? Are you more about talking about the dream instead of doing something about it? Is it easier to talk about your dream than working to fulfill it?...more

Dreams: Chase or Let Go?

Dreams are a funny thing....more

How to Make Your Dreams Come True

Who sits at your conference table?

 I remember reading a book several years ago wherein the author described a conference table in his mind.  He stated that he had this conference table in his mind and those who sat at it were constantly judging and critiquing how he lived his life.  In his mind, these people sat around a conference table judging him..."Oh Johnny got an A on his report card!  Great!  But why isn't Johnny playing football?"   ...more
@ladyaylan  I believe you are a blog post entirely unto yourself... "the girl who would not go ...more

The Big Picture

When you were younger, what did you dream about doing when you grew up?  I bet you didn't dream about the daily activities in life that we carry out in the journey to our goals, did you? You probably focused more on the big picture of what your life would be.  What did that big picture entail? Describe it.  What do you experience in your heart when you think about that big picture?  ...more

Dare to Dream

As a writer I check my Amazon reviews twice a week. Following the rankings, sales, and reviews is addicting so I make myself stay away as long as possible. A few days ago I received a 4 star review for my book Bad Luck Cadet. “Booklover” wrote the following review:...more
 @motherofnine9 I'll take any comparison to HomeRearedChef as the best compliment ever. I love ...more