Keeping My Sanity (On Most Days Anyway)

I am a busy (ready for this...) wife, mother, high school teacher, college professor, writer, consultant, club adviser, and case manager. It seems as though with each school year, the list simply grows. I am one of those people who cannot seem to sit still. For that reason, I am all about balance. I firmly believe in the concept of the harder one works, the harder one must work to ensure balance in their life. All work and no play...NO WAY! I have several strategies that I use to keep my life in balance. For me, faith is very important....more

You Can't Do it All

I feel like I have been neglecting my blog. Sure, I've been posting in it at least three times of weeks, but to be honest, there hasn't been much feeling behind it. ...more

Relationships and Missing Socks

You are probably scratching your head thinking why am I, the Outdoor Epicurean thinking!  Has the fact that my in laws moving in with myself, my husband and grandchildren finally taken me off the edge?  Has the fact that we now have 5 year old twins, baby boomers in the late 50's and 85 plus seniors under one roof caused me to question my stability?  Before you call the men in the white suits, please permit me to explain. ...more

What's in Your Beach Bag? (Or How Do You Turn off Work Mode?)

If you clicked on this link thinking you might find some good sunscreen, two novels, and the best sunglasses on the planet, you should probably go read Vanity Fair. For the record, I have none of those things in my beach bag, but I do have serious questions about why anyone needs Band-Aids at the beach, despite how cute they are.I have to use an extra-large L.L. Bean tote bag to manage my ridiculous inability to relax for the first four days....more

Why I Want to Quit Blogging (but probably won't)

It's true. Some days I think about what life would be like if I quit blogging. I think about how much time I would have to waste doing other things. I'm pretty sure my house would still be less than perfect. I'm realistic enough to know I probably wouldn't replace my blogging time with cleaning or laundry. I like to think I would spend more time working in the garden.   ...more
 @wdolderer Definitely! It's all about having fun! And I'm sure as a crafty blogger you have to ...more

Working at Home with Toddler & Baby

If you’re wondering how I find time to blog every day… I don’t.Typically if I can find chunks of time to write, I will put together a few blog posts that aren’t too time-sensitive and schedule them for the coming week. I always have half-written drafts going, though most of them don’t make it to publishing for one reason or another. This has been my system for blogging for some time – since well before I had Julius. I hate letting my blog sit fallow for even one day during the week, though I do take weekends off....more

The MAPP Gathering - Interview 1

I've been listening to a series of interviews called the MAPP Gathering. What an amazing experience. Drop by my blog to hear what I thought of the first interview with Renee Trudeau. And take a listen to the interview yourself. I'd love to hear what you think.

Overwhelmed? Try Elm

Whoa! Feeling overwhelmed with all that you have to do?"Relieving stress and emotional imbalance in humans and animals for over seventy years." The original Bach Flower Remedies is a system of 38 Flower Remedies that corrects emotional imbalances: negative emotions are replaced with positive.Dr. Edward Bach...more
@FatCat Hello there, FatCat! No, no, Kitty! This is not aroma therapy, these drops are placed ...more

Resolution #FAIL

So here it is -- a full week into February and I haven't made good on my New Year's resolution.  Can anyone out there relate???To be quite honest, my #fail stems back from a couple of months prior to the onset of 2012.Last year I took part in a 6-month course ~ a Leadership Training where I was "invited" to take on a project.  It seemed natural in the beginning of the course that Playful Planet was my 'project.'  I mean, it fills up huge amounts of time, energy and I am totally committed to seeing our mission succeed in the world....more

balance, schmalance and sheet therapy

I’ve read somewhere that depression is worrying about the past, and anxiety is worrying about the future. I've been doing a lot of both lately. And aside from writing about it here now and then, I haven't done that necessary murking around, as my therapist calls it, not to feel like there's this huge tsunami brewing that will wash over and drown me. ...more