Adult Acne Diary: Day 2

If you read the previous ...more

The Familiar Bump

There are mornings I'm afraid to look at myself in the mirror because I expect my 15-year-old self looking back at me.Or my 18-year-old self.Even my 22-year-old self....more

I don't remember having acne in my teens (though recent photo-rummaging has proven this is ...more

Fun Fridays Should Definitely Involve Food on Your Face

  Photo Credit: Kim Bauer; 2010 All Rights Reserved   Homeschool in my house revolves around two pimply faced ‘tweens.  Honestly, they aren’t that pimply yet, but every day I can feel it coming....more

Body Acne

For many people acne is not just a problem on their face – they experience breakouts on their chest and back as well.   Of course, this can be as distressing as facial acne particularly as summer approaches and you want to wear a bathing suit or more revealing clothing. The above illustration does...more

Ingredient Spotlight: Benzoyl Peroxide

One of the most common and easy to find anti-acne ingredients is benzoyl peroxide.  There is a simple reason for benzoyl peroxide’s availability – it works well as an anti-acne treatment particularly in conjunction with alpha hydroxy acids (like glycolic...more

13 Reasons To Get A Chemical Peel

I think chemical peels are great and not just because they are part of my repertoire as an esthetician.  I like to think of chemical peels as a “reboot” for your skin allowing healthy skin appear.  A series of chemical peels can help treat a myriad of skin issues.  There really is no reason not to try one.  This post addresses the issue of chemical peels performed by estheticians.  There are plenty of “peels” that are available for home use.  Peels that you use at home provide very superficial peeling, simply exfoliation, and can help you maintain ...more

All About Retinols

As far as anti-aging ingredients go retinol is a superstar.  And the great thing about retinol is that it not only fights the effects of aging it also helps clear acne and hyperpigmentation as well. Retinol refers to the entire Vitamin A molecule and were originally introduced in skincare products 1971 when Retin-A came on the market.  When applied topically retinol functions as both an antioxidant and as a cell-communicating ingredient.  Being a cell-communicating ingredient means that retinol helps speed up skin cell turnover and helps the skin create healthier...more

Can Over Washing Your Face Lead to More Acne?

For some reason the idea exists that if you over wash your face – that is wash your face too many times during the day or use a cleanser that leaves your face feeling “squeaky clean” – your body will begin to  produce more oil and you will get more acne.  Now if this was true – how would there be anyone with dry skin?  And since there are many people who have dry skin obviously there must be another explanation here for this theory. The issue here isn’t over washing your face.  The issue is really balance.  It is actually quite easy to over wash your face so...more

A question not about acne but about blackheads. I've looked on the internet, I've bought ...more

Should You Try Proactiv?

You’ve probably seen a Proactiv commercial more than once.  Heavy with celebrity endorsements the commercials also feature “real people” and their before and after photos.  Certainly the results from using Proactiv, as shown on the commercials, look amazing.  So if you have acne should you try Proactiv? Proactiv isn’t so much an anti-acne treatment system but a phenomenal marketing success.  Developed by two dermatologists, Proactiv was the first company to package and sell its anti-acne products together thus creating the anti-acne “system” craze. ...more

The first 23 years of my life my complexion was clear and beautiful. Then I got adult acne for ...more

Skincare Tips for Your Teens and 20s

When you are in your teens and 20s this is the time to start and maintain great skincare habits: Always remove all your make-up at night – no matter how tired you are Always wash your face at night Always use sunscreen on all exposed skin everywhere on your body (don’t forget your lips) and remember to reapply throughout the day If you get into the habit of taking good care of your skin when you are in your teens and 20s you will definitely see results in the future.  ...more