Alabama Judge Thinks Rape is a Non-Violent Offense

In Alabama, a jury convicted Austin Smith Clem on one count of first degree rape and two counts of second degree rape. He was convicted of raping a teenager three times. Twice when she was 14 and once when she was 18. He was not sentenced to serve prison time by the sentencing judge (who was reportedly a childhood friend of the convicted rapist). Mother Jone's magazine reports: ...more

My Son and Steubenville

 When Max was just a few months old, I sat cross-legged on the floor with him in a circle of other mothers.  The facilitator for our "Mommy and Me" playgroup would throw a question out to the group, and we would each volley back an answer."What quality do you want to instill in your child?  What personality characteristic would you most like for your son to be known for?" she asked.One by one, the mothers answered.  "Athletic", "Good sense of humor", "Brave", "Smart", "Strong"....more

All This Rape Talk Hurts

Because yes, I am a rape victim. I was a virgin and while he was assaulting me he kept saying "come on you asked for it". I knew my attacker, I took his puppy for walks. Heck, I did have a teenage crush on this guy, why else would I take his puppy for walks? He was old enough to have his own apartment and I was in *10th grade in high school. (edited due to memory mistake) I met him at the apartments near our house, at the pool that we used to go swim at....more
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