Mr. Whimsy

I love owls and have had the pleasure of seeing a few of them in my backyard. Ever since my Grandma passed away (about 9 months ago), there has been an owl that frequently hoots and flys by me when I am outside. My son, Carson and I decided it's probably Grammy watching over us. And that makes us happy!  Owls are very popular right now in all different shapes, sizes, colors, mediums...AND, because of Grammy, I wanted one in my house, too!...more
What a great idea! Thanks for sharing and keep 'em coming. Much Love, Fondly, Robinmore

The WWII Airplane

My brother loves history and anything to do with airplanes. He found a painting that he absolutely loved and asked me to do a recreation of it.The original painting by R.T. Horvath, pictured to the right, is of the 395th FS Thunderbolt on the approach to Chilbolton Air Base in England. ...more

The Backwoods of Punxsutawney

The Backwoods of Punxsutawney - Painted By KBI love being challenged, and this painting definitely put my skills to the test!...more

Leko's Puppy Portrait

Leko's Puppy Portrait – PaintedByKB...more

Rose Without Thorns :: Art Gallery (by Felicia Lim)

Hi guys! I've been painting for the past one year, but only recently did I decide to set up a space for my paintings! I use acrylic paint, and have a small but growing collection of landscape and abstract paintings! I also have a page where I blog about my inspirations. Enjoy! Check it out: Thanks for your support! Xoxo,Felicia...more