Mirror, Mirror

Parenting is a tough job, there is no job tougher.  While we worry about the day to day minutiae, we have to keep in mind what our own actions are teaching.One area which I feel I've failed in completely is modeling the type of relationship I want my children to have in their future.  So a few words of advice from someone who's done it the wrong way but still has time to get it right.Moms and Dads:...more

Save Time with Photoshop Actions

When my husband and I started our family a few years ago, I took a brief break from photography. Upon returning I was shocked at how much had changed when it came to post processing an image. Suddenly, giving someone images straight out of the camera just didn't cut it anymore. It was the birth of Photoshop actions. What the what? ...more
So useful post~Thank you very much~more

Actions Not Taken

What do you find yourself most sorry for:  Actions taken or actions not taken? Your level of confidence has a lot to do with whether you are or are not taking actions.  And whether you are or are not taking actions; there are consequences and outcomes. Actions Taken It’s a funny thing about actions taken; no matter how much they might end up blowing in your face, you always have one major comforting thought and thing to say: “Well, at least I did it.”...more


Today's thought from Hazelden is: A man is what he thinks about all day long. --Ralph Waldo Emerson This is true for women too. We sure learned that about our disease as well. It kept us thinking about alcohol or drugs all day every day until we could think of little else. Finally we became addicts, gobbled up by our all consuming thoughts and cravings. Now in recovery, we can be something else. We are becoming free of our addiction, and our minds can think about other things. What do we want to think about? What do we want to be? ...more

Today's Intend

As you set your intend for today, I ask you to include two more actions to your list 1. Intend to enjoy what you are putting into your mouth 2. Intend to be nice to yourself. Strange request? I do not think so. Let me elaborate for more visit http://livingpossibilties.blogspot.com ...more