Why Women Are the Market for Changing the World, and How to Reach Them: Interview with The She Spot co-author, Lisa Witter

If you are in charge of communications for your nonprofit or NGO, I recommend you read The She Spot: Why Women Are the Market for Changing the World, and How to Reach Them by Lisa Witter and Lisa Chen.  In the edited transcript of my September 1st interview with co-author Lisa Witter for the Big Vision Podcast, she discusses how nonprofits can use four principles from the book, Care, Connect, Control, and Cultivate to get the wor...more

10 Elements of an Effective Nonprofit or Do-Good Blog

If after asking yourself the 10 Questions to Get You Started Using Social Media for Your Nonprofit or Do-Good Project, you've decided that a blog is good tool for you, consider incorporating the following 10 elements of an effective nonprofit, or do-good blog into your blogging strategy: 1. Make it easy to subscribe...more

Grooveymom, fotosh, Leo and j.c.,

I'm glad the piece was helpful.  Feel free to ...more

Food bloggers to be friends with

This weekend at BlogHer Food I met some amazing bloggers. At lunch I gossiped with Sassymonkey and her friend the marine scientist who was carrying around a crocheted lobster, whose name and blog I wish I knew! At lunch, Mrs. L from Pages, Pucks, and Pantry and Karen from Cook4Seasons were sitting next to me. Mrs. L writes about scrapbooking, hockey, and food, a great combination! ...more

There's no gossip like lobster gossip. ;)


This Month In Maternal Health: What do Hilary Clinton, Sarah Ferguson, and the PM of Nepal have in common?

September has been a good month for those of us concerned about the issue of maternal health. Usually it can be difficult to track down stories about maternal health as a cause, but this month there's been a surplus - so much going on that we need to a round-up to just keep track! Which, in case you're wondering - which you shouldn't be - is a good thing. The more attention paid to the health of mothers, the better. This month in maternal health: ...more

Inspiration and Potty Training - Melissa Etheridge is More Than A Lesbian With Breasts

"Hi, this is Alyssa." "No, it's Melissa." "No, you're Melissa, I'm Alyssa!" So started my chat with Melissa Etheridge. I’m a fan. Though I don’t think I can name one of her songs – there is one about a window, I know that much – I’ve always really liked her. She has always seemed to embody what I look for in people: courage, honesty, strength, humor and a serious disregard for the shallow. And a singing voice, the thing that I most covet and do not have, at all. ...more

I've missed BlogHer too!  Turns out that launching a national magazine was ...more

Women in the Indian blogosphere

This week I took a look at the Indian blogosphere, starting with BlogBharti, a group of about sixteeen bloggers who link out to all the blogs they can, celebrating the Z-list. In its first year, BlogBharti posted about to 3,087 different blogs! ...more

Thanks for the mention Liz! I've been blogging since 2004 and love how it so easily connects ...more

Start a Campaign--Pass Healthcare Now in Teddy's Honor

In Memoriam: "The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die." Pass real healthcare reform now in Ted Kennedy's honor! (Please pass this on and let's start a campaign.) I've tweeted and facebooked this and people are picking it up.  it has some legs. Go for it.   http://www.GloriaFeldt.com http://www.GloriaFeldt.com/heartfeldt-politics-blog ...more

Bloggers Join Call for Release of Journalists Imprisoned by North Korea

On Monday, in a closed trial, the a North Korean court convicted two American journalists, Euna Lee and Laura Ling, of "grave crimes" of an unspecified nature and sentenced to 12 years of hard labor. The women have been detained since March 17 as they worked on a story for Current TV about Chinese refugees in North Korea. ...more

Hearing about the petitions and the pleas, I thought as you did, North Korea could care less. ...more

Add Your Cause-Related Blog to the List of Change

Livingston Communications has launched a new ranked list of cause-related blogs called List of Change. If you are using your blog for social impact, you can submit your site to be included on the List by filling out this form. ...more

What's Your Moment of Obligation?

 While re-reading Echoing Green's book, Be Bold: Create a Career with Impact, I've been thinking about one of its main ideas--that people have moments of obligation.  Moments of obligation are described as: ...more

 llhaesa - It's true.  Pain is often what compels us ...more