Maria Shriver: The Next Big Plan Comes From Us

With the convulsive changes the nation is going through, we're all looking for ways to ensure that the next set of public policies is not left to the usual players – that it has included our perspective, as women w ...more

Political Makeovers for Women!

Women love makeovers. We can't help it. Even the most serious-minded of us like a little change now and then. Who doesn't crave a new lip gloss or yearn for an updated hair style from time to time? (Excuse me for a moment, I hear the Bobbi Brown counter calling my name!) The same thing goes for politics. And ladies, it's more than time to give our country a political makeover! ...more

Congratulations to the other women running for office - it's amazing how daunting it can be ...more

I Want to Kick Discrimination's Butt.

Yesterday I attended a lecture at Merrimack College in MA. The speakers were Jaclyn Friedman, an activist, author and performer and Gunner Scott, a transgender activist and executive director of the Mass. Transgender Political Coalition. They shared their amazing personal stories of struggles and successes and touched on issues of rape, harassment, discrimination and much more. My emotional rollercoaster had me shifting from happy to sad and everywhere in between. ...more

AWEARNESS by Kenneth Cole: Inspiring Stories About How to Make a Difference

"If someone says, 'I really want to serve humanity,' I'd say, 'Tell me what your dreams are. Tell me something in your childhood that you wished were different and go toward it." ...more

I always buy Kenneth Cole's because he is truly committed to making this world a better ...more

Fixing CNBC - with comedians and progressives

Last week, a somewhat comic, somewhat serious feud between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer brought to the surface what many of us were thinking: CNBC, in particular “Mad Money,” practices pretty shoddy journalism. Stewart stated, and rightly so, that pundits like Cramer serve as a PR machine for Wall Street instead of holding Wall Street accountable. Cramer even admitted to Stewart that he allows guests to tell blatant lies on his show, and fails to challenge or rebut those lies. ...more

International Women's Day

On International Women’s Day, women around the world join together in ...more

Do You Give Good Blog?

There are a lot of ways to change the world. Because, face it: bringing about any of kind of change is best effected incrementally. You don't just set off one morning to run a marathon; you put on running shoes, you do some stretching, you run around the block, you come home and then you keep repeating, running longer and faster with every new attempt. Likewise with changing the world: it's the little incremental steps that do the trick. If we set out to just all of a sudden force a transformation, we wouldn't be very successful. Also, we'd probably get really bad cramps. ...more

 Kathi, that is beautiful, awesome and it shows me the power of people when they direct with ...more

Favianna Rodriguez: Political Digital Artist and Printmaker

"I think about how many times I didn't like the color of my skin, because I didn't see myself in any art. I think about how hesitant I was to become an artist, because I didn't see role models, and even to this day how hard it is for me sometimes to find peers who are women of color, because of how systematically they are pushed out. And I think, I don't want that to be the situation in another 50 years. I think that's something I want to leave with everyone is that we have the ability to do many things, not just what is within our categories, or our boxes." ...more