Call to action: Enough is Enough, the Law Applies to Everyone!

This is what needs to be stopped. Call to action, please redistribute widely. The Stop Porn Culture Slide Show Training Program includes a script, tips for conducting the session; it also includes the power Point Visual presentation, which contains pornographic material. They are saying that this slide show falls under the preview of Fair Use. ...more

Ain't no power like the power of the mama

About nine months after I had my first child, I went (with the kiddo in tow) to my first Mothers Acting Up meeting. It was my first foray, at least post-children, into an organized activist group. While the timing wasn't right for me to become a regular member, I gleaned a piece of knowledge from that meeting that I think will always stay with me. That is that mothers as a whole are a very, very large group, and if they use their power for good, they can become a force to be reckoned with. ...more

I think one of the main keys to unlocking this issue is the mindset so many mothers get ...more

Off the Mat, Into the World's Seva Challenge

Do you want to take the peacefulness you feel after taking a yoga class, and use it to make the world a better place? ...more

Guerrillas, Freemasons, Rastafarians and Me: 60 days in Central America

I was just too tired to meet Subcomandante Marcos, masked revolutionary/spokesperson for Mexico's Zapatista movement, (EZLN). Besides, he's notorious for standing people up. My trip was already Jewel of the Nile-meets-Blood Diamond, and I wasn't going to go trekking blindly through the backwoods of Chiapas, after a 24-hour bus ride from Mexico City, to add a documentary to the mix. I needed to catch my flight home and sleep for a very, very long time. ...more Blogger's Challenge (You Can Help If You Aren't a Blogger Too!) is a campaign to stop mountaintop removal for coal mining. What is mountaintop removal you ask? From the web site: ...more

Changebloggers List + Wanna Meetup?

A couple weeks ago I asked the readers of my personal blog, Have Fun * Do Good, and the Have Fun * Do Good Facebook group for suggestions for Changebloggers, people who are using their blog, podcast or vlog to raise awareness, build community, and/or ...more

Looking forward to meeting you at BlogHer!

What Can I Do About Genocide? An Interview with Janessa Goldbeck

One of the world's challenges that disturbs me the most is genocide. Perhaps it is because my generation was raised reading The Diary of Anne Frank and watching dozens of movies about the Holocaust. Over and over we were told, someone should have said something. Someone should have done something. If it happens again, you need to do something. ...more

Mothers: Inspiring Feminists and Other Human Rights Activists in Many Ways

Like nearly every holiday in the United States, Mother's Day seems to be as much about getting people to indulge in commercialism (Buy Mom this! Buy Mom that!) as it is about honoring your mother. While I am very happy to give my mom and mother-in-law cards telling them how awesome they are and give them a small token of my appreciation, I also like to celebrate all the mothers who have birthed social progress and given me the gift of more human rights. Make no mistake about it: many of the bravest, loudest, pushiest social reformers were moms. They thought about their lives and their children's futures, and they knew that to give their kids the best chances for success, barriers had to be broken. ...more

Your matriarchal figures sound so cool! Of course, I am not surprised at all given how you are. ...more

'Am I not human?'

  Are Darfuris and Tibetans not human? ...more

The Power of Friendship Transforms Art and Activism

Last year I met Julie Sulik, the development director for Friends Association for Children, a non-profit working to safeguard and nurture the dreams of underprivileged youth in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Richmond, Virginia. ...more