How To Spring Break Like A Pro: Family Edition

Lake Havasu or Miami Beach might be the place to be when you’re in college feeling all froggie and young and single, but when it comes to planning a spring break for kindergarten age kids and younger, your focus becomes more on what you can do with the kids during the week while you take advantage of being able to sleep in since there is no school for an entire week! Public Domain Image via Pixabay. ...more

Why Are Activities Versatile in Caregiving?

Did you know that activities can be adapted in caregiving?I saw this first and most clearly with my mother. She was a lifelong seamstress who taught adults in her work before marriage and later my sisters and me as children. She also was a crocheter and could knit, although she preferred crocheting....more

Family Life

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18 Free Activities For Christmas Break

School is almost out!  We homeschoolers even take a Christmas break.  How are you going to keep the kids busy?  Sure you can go do a few special activities but going out can be hard on a budget. Looking for some easy and free ideas for those days at home?  Here are 18 free activities to keep your kids busy during Christmas break!...more

Scout's Honor

 I’ve mentioned previously that my parents signed me up for all sorts of activities when I was younger. One of these said activities was Girls Scouts....more

First Day of Spring Activities

I will always be a member of Enchanted Learning (link!!)...I found them about 10 or so years ago, and I have used their ideas constantly!So here are some fabulous ways to incorporate the first day of Spring into your learning!Egg Carton Tulips Acrostic Poem...more

Home Activities For Pregnant Women

Being pregnant is one of the most exciting moments in a woman’s life. It’s life changing and will always be remarkable. But this is also a time that we must take more precaution in what we do. It’s easy to just lie down, rest, and eat all day long when you're carrying a child. However, it’s so much better to get up and be active. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go out and be worn out with these activities you can do at home:...more

Ocean Sensory Bin

Holy geez for excitement. We have a new favorite all-time activity. ...more

For The Love Of Mozart, Mia and Mikhail

I’m riding on the hypocrite train and I’m seated next to a slew of Tiger Moms.  Next stop: the poor house.  I keep getting carried away, signing my daughter up for all of these activities.  When I start to forget what activity occurs on what day and I have to come up with some color-coded, wall calendar to help me remember, I’ll schedule my own intervention.  My memory should be enough and if it isn’t, then she’s over- ...more

5 Ways To Keep Your Children Engaged and Learning This Summer

Learning Doesn’t Have To Stop Over Summer!5 Fun Ways To Keep Your Child Engaged and Learning! ...more