On The Quest To "Cure" Boredom... with a Trip To The Library

I honestly had no idea that some of you were waiting for this until I realized that I kept getting the same question again and again..."What are the kids up to this summer?"...more

Flowers theme - activities to do with your children

As toddler girl is going through an 'I love flowers' stage, I thought I would incorporate a flowers theme into her learning. We have been busy having lots of fun with some of these ideas, and I hope you get to have some fun with them too. Feel free to add any ideas you may have relating to the theme flowers in the comments at the bottom of the page....more

Mess-Free, Screen-Free Activities For Kids

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmToday I have a guest post for you from Nancy Parker. She has written up a wonderful post on Screen-Free Holiday Crafts for Kids. Take it away, Nancy!...more

I can prove it...I have pictures!

"You did WHAT Boys?...more

Diagnosis: Spring Fever


10 Fun Winter Activities