The Summer Bucket

Here’s a quick Momma Owl tip for the end of the school year. Surprise your kids with a summer bucket filled with fun surprises. In our bucket, I included sidewalk chalk, bubbles, kites, a giant Mad Lib book, coloring books, swim goggles and popsicle makers. You can include whatever your family likes to do. And you could certainly add to it throughout the summer!Amber Tincher and Amy Leckrone...more

Nature's Calling

Hey everyone!! Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July! The girls had so much fun celebrating America's birthday with our family and friends. :)...more

7 Tips to Help Your Kids Avoid the Holiday Brain Drain

You may have heard about the “Summer Slide.” It’s how teachers refer to the significant decrease in material retention that requires them to spend an average of four to six weeks re-teaching materials in the fall. But even a two-three week holiday break can put a serious dent in learning.            To help keep your child’s brain strong when school is out of session, consider these seven tips: ...more

What do you do when life gives you lemons? Make FUN Science experiments!

Can't post today's article here since it's a guest post for a local online magazine.Instead, here's a little intro on what it's about and how it can help YOUR kiddos.-----------------------Remember a previous post that said this:...more

5 Family Activities to Get You out of Your Mid-Summer Lull

Swim in natural water with your kidsNeighborhood pool schmool. Ditch the chlorine and go natural for a change. Do you remember the sensation of the slimy, squishy bottom of a natural lake between your toes? The partly scary/partly thrilling feeling of thinking there’s a fish right next to your leg but you can’t see it? Plus, this is for their safety too. Kids who are used to swimming in natural water where they can’t see the ground are less likely to panic if they accidentally fall into a lake or river.Make your own ice cream with the kids...more