My Manic Monday Post

Last week I mentioned the difficulties that we have had with Peanut and her < ...more

Afraid of French?

Yesterday we had our first French class at the Alliance Francais (AF). I took classes at the AF when I was in high school because I really wanted to be able to speak French fluently. It worked. By the time I graduated, I was bilingual. Unfortunately, since then I have not had much of a chance to use the French I learned. The beautiful thing about the AF is that the classes are truly French immersion. As soon as you walk through the door, you will hear only ...more

Scavenger Hunts for the Wee Ones

Help the little ones hone their observation skills by taking a photo list with you the next time you go to the park. Together you can tick off the picture of the items as you spot them. Check out the link if you want a pdf of any of the three themes sent to you: beach, forest, or park. ...more


It's about the wee things.


Make Time for a Book

What does afterschool time look like at your house?  Perhaps it is something like this: ...more

In the height of my mommy driving days (that would be a 12-year-stretch), we would listen to ...more

How to Stop Boredom

In the area of the country where I live, children don't return to school until a few days before or after Labor Day.  So, by mid-August the kids need a change of pace.  Playing with the same friends, lounging and reading a book, biking in the neighborhood- they have worn old. ...more

Online Preschool Resources

As a mom, a business owner and a former educator, I have had lots of experience finding things on the Internet that help me to make my life a bit easier.  I’ve looked up recipes, scared myself to death on WebMD and entertained my preschoolers with great worksheets and crafts printed off various websites.  Why purchase a book of preschool resources for 4.95 at the supermarket ( or for 9.95 at the teacher resource store) when I can create my own preschool book with a ream of paper and a pile of ink cartridges? ...more

Leap Year Games

It's almost Leap Year!! Here are tons of "froggy" inspired games, treats, and crafts to celebrate this special day that comes only once every 4 years. ...more

Thanks for sharing these great Leap Year activities! I've been having fun sharing Leap Year ...more

Friday's Fun: Go to the Zoo! (Video)

Zoos make an ideal field trip. They're generally interesting to kids and adults alike. They usually have a play zone for the kids to get their wiggles out in between strolling from animal to animal. And, as we all know, it's all happening at the zoo! ...more

Make a Gift... Doll in a Bag (kit)

Hip new site comes equip with a family friendly arts-n-crafts blog. For the holiday season we are featuring great gifts you can make. Today's idea is ... Doll in a Bag. Find out all the details on our blog... Click Here to Go! ...more