Indoor Activity: Snow Pops

Exercise: What’s Kept You From Succeeding?

Sometimes it is simply your own stubbornness and stuck thinking that are holding you back.This exercise asks you to be completely frank with yourself — asking some tough questions in a kindly voice to help you break through some of those nasty internal barrier success....more

Make This: Continuous Line Drawings

These are the perfect rainy day activity - continuous line drawings. I cannot take credit - these are Meg Duerksens's ideas.  Check out her Crazy Owls here - they are so much fun...more

Paddle Boarding Fun!

So today I tried a new activity, paddle boarding. I always thought that it looked hard. Well I would say it looks harder than what it is, unless I just picked up on it quickly. It is a great core work out. After figuring out which way to paddle and where exactly to put my hands on the paddle it went well....more

Easy to Make Valentine’s Day Button Cookies

@JennaHatfield So glad you like them! The literally disappeared within hours of finishing them. ...more

Fun in the city

I am so glad I live where I do. This city is vibrant and fun, especially if you have young kids. There's always something to do or see. This weekend was crazy busy for us, which is why I am posting sooooo late. But weekends like these is what gets me energized....more

Skating Night

Since J turned 4 this summer I've had plans for him learning to skate. It's a staple. No Canadian child should suffer through these miserable cold winters and not be awarded with the joy of learning to skate [though, luckily, J seems to relish the idea of the weather getting colder and he's anxiously awaiting our first real snowfall of the season]....more

My Handyman

Have I mentioned how much I love going to the hardware store? I know, kind of different... but it's by far my favourite store to go shopping at. I know, again, different. I remember going shopping with my parents at the mall and when they'd split up to go in separate directions I'd love to go with my dad to the hardware store. Just being there brings back a nice "homey" kind of feeling. I could spend hours there just looking around at all the fabulous tools and home decor items....more
Neat! I had no idea they offered classes for kids. I'm going to have to check this out :)more

Apple picking

I thought I'd post this before it snows and it's no longer relevant... though it's already way past apple picking season. Year after year I heard friends talk about taking their little ones apple picking and I wondered when would be the right time to go with my boys. The timing just never seemed to work. There was always one of them that was too young to go and since I am often alone with the boys, planning such an activity seemed daunting....more

We're Going on a Hunt!

Several months ago, on a rainy day, I tried doing a scavenger hunt inside with the kids. I drew pictures of where they had to look for clues and there was a small prize at the end. They had fun doing the hunt, but I decided to tweak the idea a bit to make it a little simpler the next time.With Dora the Explorer in mind, and the fact that my little preschooler LOVES maps, I drew out a “map” of what they were looking for:Read more...OneMommy...more