Robin Williams will be missed

We all learned that actor Robin Williams, was pronounced dead Monday,  August 11th, 2014.I grew up watching his greatest hit movies including, JUMANJI, MRS. DOUBTFIRE & (voice over) ALADDIN.Who would have thought a very funny man would have such demons inside his head. I had no idea he suffered from depression. I also did not know he has been to rehab. He is the last actor I would think would commit suicide....more

Draft Day Film Interview w/Tom Welling: From Superman to Football Hero...

       Tom Welling is insanely good looking, has perfect teeth and eyes that you can l...more

Robert Hawke

Robert Hawke is an actor, author and patient advocate. He has performed for physicians, nurses, medical students, cancer survivors and their families.Rob has Created / Profile Updated the presentation Adventures In Patient Centred Care which has been performed at The University of Toronto and Ryerson University. He stars in and co-wrote “Norm Vs Cancer: A Terminally Funny One Man Show”, where he makes 14 characters come alive on stage.  He has shared in a Canadian Comedy Award and is a Gemini Award Nominated Writer....more

Hawaii Five-0's Brian Yang: Sexy, Funny, Frequent Flier

Brian Yang is an international man of acting. One week he might be on location as character Charlie Fong for the CBS reboot of Hawaii Five-0 (now in its second season) and the next he’s home in NY or back in the Bay Area working on indie film projects for his production company 408 Films.  Oh, and then there are his acting gigs in Hong Kong and mainland China....more
I just have to say, gotta love a Chinese mother who encourages her son to pursue his dream of ...more

Should You Accept Extra Work Movies?

Many people have asked me my thoughtson accepting extra work. I have heardthat in the L.A. market, if you want to getprincipal acting work, then actors shouldnot accept extra work. In that market, actorswill only be considered extras.  Aaron MarcusAmerica's Premier Acting and Commercial Modeling Career

Benjamin Bratt Challenge To The Women Of The View-

Benjamin Bratt took to the couch with the ladies of The View  recently promote his latest film "La Mission."  Many of us remember the handsome actor from his appearance with America's latest sweetheart, Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality. He went on to do other films like Pinero andTraffic, before landing the television spot on Law & Order.  On Monday's View Cam, Benjamin issued a challenge to the women as he related how much they loved their makeup....more