Richard Armitage is Every Girl's Valentine As He Reads Romantic Poems to the Ladies - For Free

A lot of single ladies out there will surely be spending their Valentine’s Day alone, but being alone on the day made for couples isn’t now as lonely as it sounds....more

My type of hotties

Okay, we all know that Alexander Skarsgard and Rob Pattinson are pretty hot, but I have a thing for more slightly average looking, scruffy, seemingly smart and funny nerds? I don't know. They are hot to me. But that description sounds like my husband so I suppose I married the right kinda guy.Click here to read full post!...more

Why Is It Harder to Suspend Disbelief When We Watch Porn?

Going to a play or movie almost always involves some suspension of disbelief but the same is not true for porn. For whatever reason, audiences want to believe the people they're watching are attracted to each other (even if only on a physical level) and do truly orgasm. Why is that? It's not like people watch Dexter and say, "this sucks! He's not really killing people!" ...more
I think this is a good question, and actually a pretty important one. Thanks for the post. Long ...more

Why Can't We all Get the Jobs We Like!

''Find a Job You Like/Love and You'll Never work a Day In Your Life''I have heard this saying over and over in my life. For starters it is a very simple saying and I would say it is attainable for most people if Real Life did not get in our way. I have had so many jobs in my lifetime (at 50 I have seen a good bit of life) but to date I can truly not say that I have found a job that I really Love....more

Oscar! Oscar! Oscar!

Most people haven't seen all of the nominees for this week's Oscars. But that shouldn't stop us all from having opinions about who was snubbed and who we think will win, right? I don't feel compelled to see everything out there in order to tune into the Oscars. I think of it as mostly an opportunity to stargaze and play along with the worst and best dressed commentators....more

Memories of My Father: Trivia—who said it…? Name the Movie…

My father was a real movie buff. He seemed to know everything there was to know about the movies we’d sit to watch with him. He’d happily chatter away, to anyone who would listen, ringing out information, of: the year a movie came out, who the main actors were, who was gone, who was still alive, who was married to whom…  And this started a game with the family, “Who said it… In what movie…?” And it actually became a tradition, and one we’ve passed down and now play with our own kids, and even with the grandchildren....more
I love you for being such a great sport! Thank you, Melanie, for playing along. (Smile!) ...more

All The World's a Stage

Just think about it.  The first thing we do in the morning is decide who we’re going to be that particular day...let’s start with wardrobe.  Some of us shouldn’t be trusted picking our daily costumes, but that’s another blog about fashion police.  Today, I am a sophisticated woman dressed from head to toe in Santa Fe peasant chic.  My boss doesn’t like it when I show up to work that way, but I don’t care, because I am ANACTRESS!  I get to be whoever the hell I want to be....more

Actress Helen Mirren Calls Out Hollywood for Penis Worship

Say what you want about Academy Award winning actress Helen Mirren, but don't ever say that she pulls her punches. In fact she landed a couple of doozies squarely on Hollywood's jaw when she received the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award at The Hollywood Reporter's annual Women in Entertainment breakfast. ...more

Yup, she's very gutsy. That's also one of the reasons she's such a good ...more