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Super Bowl Stereotypes: Pete Hoekstra's Racist Campaign Ad

Apparently election season means open season on Asians -- at least, it seems that way in one political ad that ran during the Super Bowl. It was chock full of derogatory stereotypes of Asians: mysterious flute music, a woman wearing a conical hat riding her bike ... through a rice paddy. In broken English, she thanks a U.S. senator for sending jobs to China. The spot was a locally run commercial for former Congressman Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), who is now campaigning for the Senate seat currently held by Rep. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) -- or as the ad calls her, Debbie "Spend-it-now."...more
whoa! the campaigning this year seems to be especially polemic and inflammatory, but this ad is ...more

George Clooney Gets Hitched – In an Ad I Can't Stop Watching

Proving one more time that he really is every woman's fantasy husband, George Clooney gets married in a new ad for Norwegian Bank DnB NOR. Forget about the fact he is a committed bachelor in real life, this ad fantasy all about marrying Clooney makes me think the dream could come true, at least in the minds of clever advertising folks. ...more
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Summer’s Eve’s Hail to the V: Some Pitfalls of Racially Specific Ads

[Editor's Note 7/28/11: Summer's Eve has now pulled the Black and Latina talking-hand as, as well as the white one. Read on for more about the controversy. --Grace] Last week, Summer’s Eve debuted an ad campaign with the tag line "Hail to the V!" The campaign touched off a media storm -- not just via social media and ethnic-oriented websites, like The Grio, but also in mainstream media, including Forbes -- and even Stephen Colbert, who not only mocked the ads in last night’s show, but produced his own male-oriented hand puppets. "Hail to the V" has prompted over 100 tweets....more

Sexy Cucumber Ad Upsets Parents

Some residents in Dallas say a billboard showing a flying cucumber with and the message, “Stop Vegetable Abuse,” is too much for their tastes....more

Super Bowl Ad Over TeBlown?

It was hyped, discussed and blogged to death, but the Tim Tebow Super Bowl commercial was hardly the controversy it was made out to be. ...more

Kinky sex used to sell mascara

The US is prudish about sex.  Just ask the right wing Republicans and evangelical Christians/Catholics who would rather see Bristol Palin pregnant at 17 than teach sex education to public school kids. ...more