My personal struggle living with ADD

I recently read another person's personal story in which they shared the daily struggles of living with ADD and i was inspired to share my own story. So, here goes....more

Invisible Disorders


Sh*t Moms of Kids with "Issues" Say

Got kids with "issues"? Yeah .... we've been there ............ ...more

Dear Important Person: How To Overcome Your Painful ADD Email Habit

If you do not have ADD or do not love someone, or even know someone really well with ADD, then this may come as a surprise to you: we like to start everything in the middle.  Sometimes I write these posts and turn off the ol' editor button in my brain so that I can just get it out ("it" being whatever blather is bursting out of my fingers to revel in the light of day).  Once "it" is out, I can mess with it, rearrange it, make it pretty. ...more