The Guilt Stricken Mother - Parenting A Child With ADHD

As the mother of a child with severe ADHD, being the recipient of constant judgment is something that I am familiar with.  My oldest son suffers with this disorder to the extent that he often has trouble controlling his own body movements.  Simply walking from one room to another without falling or getting sidetracked proves to be an almost impossible task, one that you and I take for granted.Other parents question my decisions on an almost daily basis, they question the love I have for my child.  The truth is, so do I....more

I'm Angry About ADHD's Impact on My Family & That's Okay for Now

No one seems to admit it, but here I am. I'm angry that two out of three people in my family have ADHD. I'm not one of them. I'm still adjusting to the 5-month-old diagnosis of both my husband and daughter, and I know I'll get over this hump. I'm hating it right now. I'm angry. Annoyed. Didn't expect to be so thrown by it....more
Welcome to the club! I empathize with you, however, because you don't understand it. ADHD is ...more

ADD & my "Tween"

When my youngest son was born, I knew I was IN LOVE with this kiddo!  We bonded, immediately.  And almost immediately, I got a sense that this little guy was really going to have an impact on my life..maybe, more so than his older brother and sister.  Though equally impactive, Kode was non typical.  I mean, he met all milestones as a toddler and is physically healthy.  Yet, something just kept gnawing at me.  ...more

Social Disabilites & Me

Thanks! Wow, a comment already. Ok, I'm sold...a blogger, I shall be. :Dmore