Mommying is like Dancing (and Drugs)

Ballet is an extremely important part of my life that I have tried my best to grasp on to even as my family has grown and moved around the world....more

They say that breaking up is hard to do...

One of the skills I have had to practice over the years (I no longer imagine I learn lessons, cross 'em off my list and never have to go back there) is how to quickly get out of traps of my own making. I do this by looking back and noticing where I got off my groovy path and started back down a trail of feeling like shit both physically and psychologically....more

In the begininng...

I am the youngest of 3 girls; my parents were told they wouldn’t have any other children after my #2 was born, but 6 years later – surprise!  #1, the eldest, is 9 years older and #2 is 7 years older. #2 was diagnosed with Type I diabetes shortly after I was born....more