20 Ways You Know You're Addicted to Blogging

So you want me to admit it? Alright, fine, I will then. I'm addicted to blogging. ...more
me too, me too.more

Why Blog?

I often wonder how different people started blogging. How do some people have the ability to take their opinions, advice, and personal stories to such a level that thousands of strangers hang on every word?  It's fascinating, and it gives the rest of us -- the minor leaguers -- something to strive for....more
The one thing I love about blogging it is a great way to create and connect with people from all ...more

A fine line between bragging and sharing?

I find myself being accused of bragging recently, and I think it might be true. Is that wrong? As women in the workplace, we learn that the only way to be heard and get ahead is to be assertive. We force ourselves to put our modesty aside as we sell our strengths to our supervisors in reviews, to potential employers in interviews, to fellow coworkers so they respect us, etc. We fine tune this skill to stay in the game because we have to....more
So often we feel pride in our accomplishments, but also feel it tactless and fatheaded to ...more

New to Food Blogging

I just wrote a blog today called "Confessions".  You see, I'm new to blogging. I feel inept at times. Sometimes I compare my blog to others who have been blogging a long time. I want to write better. I want to photograph better. I want to create more ingenious recipes. However, like most things, this will take practice. In the meantime. I'm addicted to blogging and not leaving any time soon! Blessings, Sarah...more

Blogs Deserve A "Make-Over" Too!

I found Kassie Garlock (Designs by Kassie) through a friend.  She does what I like to refer to as, "Blog Make-Overs".  I am truly not "tech savvy" at all...just ask anybody (especially my children...) and they will tell you THAT is sort of "putting it under the table", so to speak.  So, when I saw what Kassie had done to my friend's blog (My Heart With Pleasure Fills), I just KNEW that my blog deserved a "Make-Over" too! ...more

My Morning Hair

Because one blog is too few and three too many, I started a new blog this week: My Morning Hair. Dedicated to photos of anyone with awesomely bad Morning Hair, Pool Hair, Hat Hair, Salon Hair or just Other Hair, it's all about subjecting yourself (and myself) to humiliation. If you can laugh at yourself, people can't really laugh AT you. They're laughing with you....more

Manifestation: Developing a Blogging Practice Makes Perfect

Julie Weckerlein will be speaking on The Write Brain: Essential Blog Content Development Workshop panel at BlogHer's 2011 conference on August 5, 2011. It's an extended session running through two afternoon time slots, from 1:15 to 4pm; Julie's "Manifestation" portion of the workshop starts at 3:15pm.  On a late summer evening in 2001, I was seated in a dark corner of my then-fiancé's living room in Erlangen, Germany, silhouetted by the blue glare of his family's ancient HP monitor.I hit "publish" on my first introductory entry, and thus officially began a personal, and ultimately professional, blogging career that's spanned a whole decade and an entire globe.It's pretty safe to say I've blogged about all sort of topics in just about every environment possible.In 2003, I typed out pregnancy updates from the cluttered office of my Italian townhouse, my first home as a married woman. Busted! Micro-blogging from DisneyWorld, Summer 2009. ...more

Amazing post! My problems start when I think of who would be interested in what I'm writing. I ...more

The Neglected Blog

In the morning it gives you the look, as you greet it, and head out the door. The look it gives you is unforgettable and reminds you - yes we need to spend more time together. You promise your blog tonight will be the night I will write a post just for you. It waits, patiently waits, like the neglected lover, waiting for the return of its first love. It never gives you grief only the passive-aggressive guilt you feel for neglecting it. It's waiting for that image of flowers to appear or a kind word or two.... ...more

Why do you love to blog?

I have been following blogs for the last couple years. But it hasn't been much more than a year (if that) that I took the leap myself and started a blog for my family. Initially I thought I would create it to stay in touch with my family. But I don't think they quite "get it" (i.e.: they don't follow it!). So why do you love to blog?...more

What inspires you to blog in the first place?

I can't remember a time when I wasn't documenting.There was a journal in elementary school. Scrapbooks in high school.Even when I went through basic military training for the Air Force, I carried with me a tiny reporter's notebook and a ballpoint pen in one of my cargo pockets, scribbling down the things our training instructors yelled at us and my fitness scores....more

Julie!!!! I created an account just to say I'm really excited to read your advice. I'm different ...more