It's Haunting Me...

When I wrote about this last week it made me feel better. I needed to get that out and I felt a lot lighter after writing that. But for some reason this last week or two I've been bombarded with things that are bringing up painful memories and things I just don't care to think or talk about. We haven't been speaking to Katelyn's dad and it's been nice. Drama free....more

Daily Fight

Taking baby steps is going pretty good. I've joined an awesome online group. I've been honest with myself when tracking calories. I've recently started to tell people of my goal to lose weight or go under the knife. I'm off to a good start....more

Goals for 2010

I lost 9 pounds in the last two weeks of December, 2009. I'm hoping to take that accomplishment and run with it in 2010.I've had a steady weight increase since I gave birth to C. I need to put a stop to that NOW....more

Internet Addiction: When You've Really Got It, You'll Know

We bloggers love to talk about our Internet addictions. We mostly use the term "addiction" loosely and endearingly. But we do use it frequently!...more

Last spring I started implementing "internet-lite" days and evenings. Actually, I originally ...more

Getting Out Of The Trap Of Addiction and/or Alcoholism

How you can get out of the trap of addiction, and stop letting drugs and/or alcohol control your life. You have no control of your life when addicted to drugs, and YES, alcohol IS a drug, although you may think that you are totally in control. Get out of the trap?...more

Shame is my middle name

  .35 or why won't my friends lie to me?  Damnit, I am an alcoholic and I hate it.  I have 32 days sober today and I wish I could have a glass of wine.  Make that a bottle  My blog will delineate the ways in which this extremely unique and educated individual comes to terms with her disease NOT ...more

Facebook Rehab 4: Strike of the Enabler by "Samantha Greene"

Facebook Rehab 4: Strike of The Enabler By “Samantha Greene” ...more