Alcoholism refers to a continuous and excessive use of alcohol. Even when you know perfectly well that alcohol causes problems in a relationship, health, business, economic and physical intoxication. Alcoholism or addiction to alcohol is considered a pathological syndrome....more

Please, Don't Congratulate Me On My New House

If you do one thing over the next couple of months, please, please don’t congratulate me on my new, shiny, sought-after house.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s gorgeous.  It has about 7 bedrooms.  It’s on a pond and has a gigantic porch with the perfect bench on it....more

The Devastating Effects of Alcoholism

You may hear the word ‘alcoholic’ thrown around in public quite frequently. Among friends: “Becky! You hooked up with the guy from the bar? You are such an alcoholic!” On an Instagram caption: “Wine & The Bachelor #alcoholic.”‘Alcoholism’ in society is frequently synonymous with ‘bad decisions’ during a night out on the town, and ‘alcoholic’ is a flimsy insult between friends....more

Ode to the Addict

  I entered the room.There she was, vamping and posing for the camera.  I resented her.  She was a swirling, invented version of herself when she was like this.  Sort of like a bobblehead, but not in the skinny way.  She was off-balance, teetering this way and the next and you never knew when she was going to crash and fall down....more

A Guide To Loving The Adult Child Of An Addict

If my needs weren’t met as an infant, for example I was denied basic care and emotional support; right out of the starting gate, I don’t trust you.A couple of months ago I wrote about being the child of an addict. I shared the things I’d want you to know about what it’s like to be me. The response to that article has been overwhelming, and is ongoing. You’ve poured your heart out to me and I have been humbled and honored to hear your stories of pain, reconciliation, triumph. ...more

How Do I Know If My Son Is Really An Addict?

I wonder if my son is an addict.Whenever he doesn't have somewhere he has to be or something he has to do, he wants his fix. And he fights like hell if I try to take it away. It's not as noticeable during the school year when he's busy, but in the summer his addiction is much more apparent.Most people would never imagine this about him.He's a wonderful kid -- generally personable, polite and helpful -- with lots of talents and a supportive family who attends his performances and games....more

Rotting: A Day in the Life of a Functional Alcoholic

The alarm clock sounds, and immediately I begin to compile the daily mental inventory of regrets from the night before. What horrible, hurtful things did I say? What embarrassing, inappropriate, ugly things did I do? How many drinks did I have? Once I finish the assessment of external damages, the self diagnostics start. Headache, horrific taste in my mouth, eyes grainy like someone threw sand in my face, nausea and heartburn; it's all there, and the day is starting like every other. I get up, walk past the mirror, and see the puffy, red, shame filled eyes that greet me every morning....more
I think you have started the 'healing' process already by admitting and acknowledging that you ...more the Desk of Clearissa’s Command Center via My Soulful LifeI Have An AddictionI understand the first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one. Well today I will take my first step toward recovery....more

I'm Not Responsible for My First Thought, Only My First Action

Years ago I re-kindled my love of writing because I wanted to share what led up to my need to seek recovery for alcoholism and a life-threatening eating disorder.  Today my intention is to share recovery-based practical experience solutions for everyday challenges. ...more