Aw, C’mon, One More?

Last week, I sat in another funeral home thinking of the power we give to the desire for just one more.When I was young, I begged for one more hour to play outside, stay up late, or talk on the phone. I asked my dad for one more push on the swing, one more toss in the air, or one more story. Although I didn’t know at the time, when I was denied these things, my parents helped me when I couldn't help myself. They knew what I needed regardless of what I wanted....more

7 Ways to Break Your Social Media Addiction

You know those commercials that talk about how smoking or drugs are bad for you? How they drain you and destroy you? They need to add social media to that list. Seriously, it's one of the most addictive things out there, and it's always with us on our devices. I wish I were joking, but you know I'm not. Most people who work from home (raises guilty hand) find great comfort in balancing business and pleasure this way. So how do we steer clear of the whirlpool that is social media when we need to get things done? Here are seven things that work for me. ...more
LorraineAkemann Thank you Lorraine! Yes, it's helped me tremendously. I think my contacts know ...more

The Passion of the Coffee

You were tall, dark, bittersweet.  Snuggled into my hand perfectly, a sleek, white paper cup, enclosed your warm, aromatic character.  While sitting next to my future husband, discussing our personal lives, I fell in love with you.  You kept us company, a new, exciting paramour for me; an old, friendly buddy for him.  Was this the soul mate I sought, meant to withstand the test of time?...more

Dating an Addict

Dating someone for years is something most people are proud of.  People look at that as some sort of accomplishment, like they were able to achieve something others couldn't or haven't yet.  Especially when you are high school sweethearts.  You spend years with this person thinking you know everything about them, thinking you would do anything for them.  You are also thinking it would be the same if it were vice versa. ...more

Crazy In The Kitchen

Yes, I am pretty crazy in the kitchen! I don't know how many of you out there in the baking world go nuts when you discover the moment that you are officially considered a baker. My moment is every time that I am making anything that has anything to do with sugar and/or flour! Cakes, candies, cupcakes, cakepops, you name it, my moment is looking at every counter covered in flour, sugar, and all the tools and supplies needed to make whatever I am making or attempting to make!...more

Forgiving Addict Husband?

In some other world I would never admit this publicly.I am ashamed, I am anxious, stressed, homeless and terrified of future.Coming from Catholic family and being raised that marriage is for forever, it is a struggle to walk away now.In what moment you say enough? I married recovered alchocolic.  From day one I knew this is a risk I would have to take and I was prepared for it.Few days ago, coming from work I found him drugged with God knows what and unable to function. I made sure he will be ok, I took his keys and walked away....more

A Cheering Up Mixture

Well it was just one of those days that we needed a little something extra in our mixture.  Something sweet and not so good for us.  I am a firm believer everything in moderation.  If you need some chocolate, dark is always my first choice, but sometimes you just have to embrace the season and the contents of the pantry....more

"Secrets of Recovery"

Are you inspired by people who have overcome their weaknesses? Stories abound about people who have triumphed over addiction, depression, failure, and fear.  It seems their demons are behind them; they learned their great lessons and have created billion-dollar businesses, soulful careers, or unimaginable peace.  They are saving lives and changing the world.   What are the secrets to such awe-inspiring recovery?  ...more