7 Things You Should Never Say to the Wife of a Pornography Addict

Since my husband’s pornography addiction has reared its’ ugly head again, I have reached out to others for encouragement because this is something you do not want to face alone. Well, not all the encouragement has been positive or even nice.  Some people, even Christians, just don’t know how to comfort someone who is facing this problem. Well, to start here are some things not to say. Yes, these things have been said to me by Christians and non-Christians alike....more
I have a very close friend whose husband struggles with a pornography addiction. I'm very glad ...more

Thanks For The Memories Boys !! « Gail's Forum

There's two sides to every story...This is mine http://gailsforum.com/2013/01/29/thanks-for-the-memories-boys/ ...more

I was so disappointed in myself.

In our tiny rural Village,(yes village) nestled in Nova Scoatia Canada, we, like everywhere else, have our "village drunk", "village idiot"... and our village's "hopeless cause". Everyone, from one end of our village to the 20 minute drive to the other know this "hopeless cause" by name.Every now and then, someone, usually a church congregation, puts their hearts on their sleeves and tries their best to change this man's life. But why?...more

A World of Contradiction

A World of Contradiction There are times when you are walking down the street, happy and in your own little world, only to have the world at large suddenly reach out and slap you right upside your head. I had one of those moments this morning....more

Betty Ford

 I followed her around one day  as part of a small group of reporters, as she knocked on doors campaigning for her husband in a suburban  Miami neighborhood.   She was so friendly, so natural, so  accessible; if you didn’t know who she was, you’d believe she could have been one of the local moms on the other side of the door, opening it and welcoming you into her home.   People liked her no matter where they stood on the political spectrum.I don’t know if she changed any voters’ minds that day....more

Standing in the Gap

I Turned 30 Without My Mom

I turned 30 today. My heart isn't heavy about it. Actually I'm happy to have an excuse for the gray hairs, a reason for having a grocery cart full of kids and the ability to tell you how to get out every stain known to man. 30 is going to be good, I can tell already. The one thing that my heart is extremely heavy about is that I had to enter this new decade of my life without my mom. My entire family and friends celebrated with me, called me, emailed me, and bombarded me, everyone except my mom. ...more

My mom and I haven't spoken for 6 months. She missed my kids 3rd and 11th birthdays - because ...more

Wrestling he Devil, Can't Write A Resume


If you're alive, you're probably addicted to something. What are you addicted to?

So many addictions, so little time. What are you addicted to? Smoking? Coffee? Chocolate? Soda? Sugar? Food? Exercise? Blogging? I haven't based this on any scientific study, but it's my observation that... If you're alive, you're probably addicted to something. ...more

 I am dependent upon peanut butter. Next week, on my blog, I am posting a picture of my empty ...more