5 Sports Legends You Probably Didn't Know have a Learning Difference

Lazy. Dumb. Bad. Stupid.If this is how your kid sees himself, it may take years to repair this damage and convince them otherwise.Kids with Learning Differences (L.D.) are more likely to struggle socially and with their own sense of self-worth than peers who are traditional learners. ...more

10 ADD/ADHD fidget busters for the classroom

“He can't sit still long enough to do his work.”“His constant fidgeting is a distraction for the entire class.""He can't focus and is falling behind."Sound familiar?...more

My Kid Is Easier to Like When He's Drugged

We resisted medicating Lucas for his ADHD for three years. Like many parents before us, we took the try-everything-else-first route, which served a two-fold purpose. First, it acted as a defensive barrier against those who might secretly accuse us of lazy parenting. “Ah, yeah, we’re drugging our kid. But don’t worry, we’re not lazy parents; we tried everything else first.” ...more
Wow this was a great post. Super brave. I know medicating a kid is a hard choice and I am glad ...more

Dear Teachers, Please Don’t Give Up On My Kid

I can hear it in the exasperation when we speak on the phone and you carefully craft your sentences, trying not to let on that you have no more solutions and have run out of patience. You’ll never say the words out loud, but I see them there behind everything you do say: You’re giving up on my kid. ...more
Can you ask the teacher to give your son two assigned seats?  That way he can legitimately get ...more

My Monumental 2013

2013 was a monumental year for me and I think Dan would say the same. FAITH has made this past year what it was. Our daughter has literally grown and matured a great great deal in the last 6 months but the last 3 has made the biggest difference in her life. Her 2nd grade year was horrible. She stayed in trouble for being bored and day dreaming. Her teacher hated her. I'm not exagerating, she called and e-mailed me daily....more

3 Natural Remedies for ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD for short,  is a condition that usually starts showing symptoms at a young age. This condition is more common than many parents realize and if left untreated, it can make a huge impact on an adult’s life. There are many different treatments available for ADHD and the prescription for Ritalin alone has skyrocketed to around 11 million every year, making the need for natural remedies more and more important....more

The Fear Of My Son Being Mislabeled With ADHD

As a special education teacher, I have witnessed some of the miss treatment most children experience as being mis-labeled, with behavior disabilities, within the American education system. In many cases, children, who are over active, inattentive, and show severe imbalanced emotions, are referred to student services. As a result, these service professionals begin to monitor the child, but are quick to label the child as having ADHD, or ED/BD disorder....more

Giving My Special Needs Son All of Me

God knew the plans He had for me… to have one child. Therefore, he gave me one child with the energy and the needs of three. My one-and-only has ADHD and Anxiety.Three years ago when we received this diagnosis, it wasn’t any surprise to me. I knew there was something. I mean parenting didn’t look this difficult for other parents. If all children were like this then there might be an end to people having multiple children. Everyone would have a one-and-only....more

Pills Are Not for Preschoolers by Marilyn Wedge

This week I reviewed a book that was just too good not to share. I'm not a person who is comfortable giving medication to kids - heck, I rarely take medication myself, so it was a no-brainer to me to pick up this book in the first place. But as I started reading, I started cheering for the case studies that Marilyn was sharing. I will admit that a tear or two escaped when I read how the families first approached her for therapy, and I cheered when the family behaviour was turned completely around after an average of 7 sessions. It was amazing....more