Backyard Saturday

I'm new to this blogging for public consumption thing so forgive me if I'm not witty or "quippy" enough for you. I'm learning as quickly as I can just how to do this thing right.That aside, Saturday was a handfull. More than a handfull. My advice? Never leave your children, especially boys, to their own devices without checking on them every five minutes. Perhaps install a "big brother" monitoring system for those moments you step away to say, use the bathroom, or get a drink of water.Saturday:...more

I'm Angry About ADHD's Impact on My Family & That's Okay for Now

No one seems to admit it, but here I am. I'm angry that two out of three people in my family have ADHD. I'm not one of them. I'm still adjusting to the 5-month-old diagnosis of both my husband and daughter, and I know I'll get over this hump. I'm hating it right now. I'm angry. Annoyed. Didn't expect to be so thrown by it....more
Welcome to the club! I empathize with you, however, because you don't understand it. ADHD is ...more

The Hardest Thing I hope I ever write- part 1 of 3

Originally posted May 18, 2010  on  A break in my self depricating humor and blaming the worlds woes on celebrities and gravity. If you want something to make you smile you want to check out the categories this wont be it....more

Cabin Fever. What Would Laura Do?

When I was G's age, 9, I was obsessed with Little House on the Prairie. I remember sporting a thrift store bonnet all over my neighborhood in the Bronx, and my mother looking pained, saying "You know that's for a baby, right?" It was partly her fault. Having little, making do, aligned with the Chinese immigrant experience. My mother would make glue out of a little bit of rice, dolls out of scraps of cloth....more


About PattyPatty Chang Anker is not adventurous by nature. While other kids were out climbing trees and skinning knees, she was inside reading Laura Ingalls Wilder and memorizing show tunes. A GLEEk before her time. That is how she grew up never really learning how to ride a bike, do a handstand, or dive into a swimming pool. And why she started blogging Facing Forty Upside Down ( 3 days after turning 39....more

A Little Grace Goes A Long Way

A few weeks ago I was rushing around the house getting ready to leave for our two week vacation.  We would be flying out and the kids and I would be driving back in a new-to-us van.  I tried hard that week to not procrastinate, to get everything done, to not stress myself out at the last minute--you know, my usual MO.  I did have most everything packed a couple days in advance, but my house was a complete disaster.  I had neglected laundry for far too long.  To make it worse I had decided to go through all the kids' and my clothes that didn't fit and organize them....more