Running Into a Bear on Prospect Mountain in Lake George

When my Aunt Cynthia, who has been coming to the Adirondacks since she was a little girl, came to see my house for the first time, she joked about bears in my back yard coming to get her. I laughed it off, and told her there are no bears in Lake George. She tilted her head to the right, gave me a skeptical eye and said something to the effect of, “don’t be so sure.”...more
 @Michelle Maskaly In the mountains the bears are heavily populated so we always prepare for ...more

Smitten With Spring

Happy Spring!!...more

Love Where You Live

I think I’ve mentioned that we have a retail store in downtown Glens Falls called Nine Authentic Goods. If you go and do things like read the shipping information, you might catch little wisps of my writing....more

Lake George Area Beer Tweet Up: #ADKBeer28

Like beer? Will you be in the Lake George area on Sat., Jan. 28? Enjoy meeting new people? If you answered yes to these questions, then the #ADKBeer28 tweet up is for you. ...more

Animals at the North Country SPCA Need Your Help!

We're approaching the home stretch of the Blogathon on My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much-- just a few more hours left! My approach last year, and this year, to the Blogathon, and fund-raising in general, is an attempt to create fun, creative content that makes you laugh and stay engaged. ...more

24 Hours of Blogging for Chairty Starts Today

It's that time of year again! Time to stay awake with a team of other bloggers from around the country and blog for 24 hours all in the name of charity as part of Dr. V's yearly blogathon on Pawcurious!...more
Thank you sooooo much for sharing this!!more

Views From Prospect Mountain

The past few weeks have been busy -- traveling to Atlanta for a conference, then Orlando to Disney World and this past weekend we brought my aunt from Staten Island up to the Adirondacks. Two words: So fun!...more

The Kayaking Dog

There are many places I get nervous taking Toby, because I'm afraid he is going to act up, start barking or get nervous, but when it comes to kayaking, I don't even think twice....more

Porreca's Restaurant - Lake George Restaurant Review

Let's just cut to the chase here -- Porecca's Restaurant is one of the best restaurants I've dined at in Lake George, and easily ties my previous favorite eggplant rotolini of all time. The food and the service were excellent and the atmosphere was very welcoming. ...more