SAHM Identity Crisis

 I LOVE that my daughter has a vivid imagination. I also DON'T LOVE that my daughter has a vivid imagination. And I really DON'T LOVE that I DON'T LOVE that my daughter has a vivid imagination. Are you dizzy yet? Well, I'm dizzy too. Emmy is CONSTANTLY pretending to be fictitious characters. At any given moment in the day, she'll be pretending to be Dora the Explorer, The Little Mermaid, a magical kitty cat, a ballerina, Cinderella, a dinosaur, a baby, or one of many other characters she has in her “repetoire”....more

Don't Call Me, I'll Call You

 If you are a stay at home parent, you must accept one truth: there is no such thing as a "good time to talk" on the phone. If you attempt to have a dialed up heart-to-heart with a friend or family member, you absolutely MUST be prepared to interrupt the conversation so you can tell your children "honey, i don't think your brother likes it when you stick your Barbie's feet in his eyes," and "try to get the yogurt into your mouth, rather than your nose."...more
Great blog post. I can remember those times vividly. You write so well. I have been away from ...more

Defecting to the SAHM's group

I never thought of myself as being able to do the "Stay at Home Mom" thing. My own mother was a SAHM for quite a bit of my life before she got her nursing degree. She was perfect at it, she was like June Cleaver or Donna Reed. The neighborhood kids were constantly hanging out at our house while their own mothers worked. But I loved going to work, earning a paycheck and spending my days with other adults. Those were the 'nice' reasons.  ...more

Top Ten Secrets of a Stay-at-Home Mom

Alright, it’s only been a few weeks since I switched over to watching my kids full time, but I’ve already discovered some really helpful secrets to getting through life as a Stay-at-Home Mom (or Roam Around Mom, as I prefer to call myself). I will share my tips, in hopes that other mothers may benefit from my wisdom....more

I'm Not a SAHM; I'm a RAM!

So, I’ve made it through the first week of being a SAHM. AND… I’m ready to go back to work. Naah, just kidding. Sort of. Here are my first impressions, based on one week at home with the kids: ...more
@Oodles of Time And you don't hold it against her, right? You LOVED your childhood, right??? ...more

My Mommy-Track Adventure: Part 1

My parents are both successful college graduates.  My father was a rocket scientist before he retired and my amazing mom got her Master’s from UCLA when I was 2.  She commuted at least 90 minutes and then dodged lots of parking tickets for her degree.  I have no memories of her studying or writing papers, but I do remember the microwave she received as a graduation present.  They used that thing up until 2008....more

It's My Life sound just like me!  Though I will say, I put my foot down on the minivan argument. ...more

Ikea, Disposables and Vaginas: The Dirty Work Behind Motherhood

I used to watch gynecological surgeries on a daily basis. Sometimes they were in the OR, other times in the doctor's office. Sometimes the doctors used my equipment on a patient down there and I had to make sure it was cleaned properly. Every now and again I looked down at my scrubs or shoe and saw a questionable splatter of something. Whenever that happened, I usually ended up throwing the article of clothing away. That's the nice thing about disposable scrubs....more

I'm Not Alone

Benjamin’s in my arms right now.  Quiet, sleeping, calm. I’m watching him like an oil painting in a museum.  My tiny giant one year old.  I study his face and body.  His ears have grown; they are now the size of apricots.  His hair curls with the humidity.   I study his sounds....more

Being a new first time mom is a very tough transition. Your whole world of books, coffee, late ...more