A Woman's Dance

(Turn and face the strain)
Ch-ch-Changes While I wait for Julia Roberts to buy the rights to my book, I labor at a day job. It funds the basics: shelter, food, books, and printer supplies. Recently, I changed positions, which has caused a tremor in the force. I’ve had to re-balance my life.Isn’t it always the way for a woman?...more

Post-Christmas In All Its Weirdness

We didn't have the tree this year. Or the manager, stable, and all the porcelain Christmas characters on display to remind us of that special birthday. Our Christmas was brown. But it was packed full of stuff, to be sure, as our time was spent moving. And between the boxes and the mud, well, that's where the brown comes in. The severe drought we had all year, it's long gone. I can't complain, the mud looks real nice after a summer like that. ...more

The Only Constant...

...is change.You may have heard the saying before. Growing up, my father liked to remind me that change is constant, to be adaptable, open-minded and willing to try new things. I think that his lesson has served me well, though I never imagined I would apply it to food allergies. But, here it is, staring me in the face yet again this morning. After two flopped attempts to make pancakes without eggs, grains or nut flours, I'm beginning to think that perhaps I should just cherish my childhood memories of fluffy pancakes and move on....more

Today I woke up...

Today I woke up.  Today I woke up sad.  Today I woke up.Sad, according to Merriam-Webster, means " affected with or expressive of grief or unhappiness."  Unhappy.  Hmmm.  Perhaps that could describe the lack of joy I feel today?  No, I am not unhappy but rather not happy....more

What My Father-in-Law Taught Me About Getting Out of the Way

We flew out to San Jose this past weekend for Ken’s dad’s memorial service, and ever since, I’ve been thinking about how nice it was. Yeah, I know—that’s not something you usually hear about a service. But this one was much lighter and more life-affirming than any other funeral I’d ever attended, and it really had an impact on me. It also made me thankful as hell, considering the kids were in attendance. So now let me make a crazy generalization and guess that this had something to do with the service being Buddhist. ...more

A Lesson in Change.

The head of the herd at Infinity Farm is the kind of horse you might call Grandfather- with reverence. He was a flashy something in his day; what he lacked in confidence he made up for with bravado. We made a pair and a quarter century later, we have both softened and matured with age....more