Who Loves You? I do.

I'm an empty nester mother. Maybe my kids will send me a text this Sunday on Mother's Day, if I'm lucky. But who said Mother's Day is all about waiting for acknowledgement from your kids? I've never had the fairy tale, mushy thing going on anyway....more
 @victorias_view Thanks for checking out my post :)more

This Is Why I Blog

I suck at staying in touch.  I do.  If you know me in real life, you have probably sent me an email that I’ve ignored.  It wasn’t intentional….it was just….well… ..buried somewhere underneath a pile of mismatched toddler socks and hidden in between the couch cushions that I’m currently wiping peanut butter off of. (Don’t ask.  It was a terrible horrible no good very bad plan to buy white leather sofas when we have a toddler.  Which of course I let him eat on.  Because I am that kind of mother.)...more

Best Way for Parents to Not Protect Their Child

 I took my youngest rock climbing the other day and it struck me. Her acrophobic Dad, safely planted on the ground, as Ella was at least five stories high, unafraid of her growing distance from the ground..she's on her own. I can't entirely protect her anymore, if I ever truly could. But isn't that my job......more

Holiday Stress

Hello Blogher :) ! This is my first official post! YAY! Anyway, this Christmas stuff everywhere lately has me in a frantic rush to try and get everything done all at once. It's put me in quite the stressed out funk. My husband is also very stressed about some of the things that he's having to deal with as well, so when you put us together we create a huge stressball that just grows. This isn't the best thing for our relationship, as you can imagine, so I've been wracking my brain trying to think of a way to get rid of some of this stress....more

Who Said Parenting Was Easy?

Yeah we all did, when we weren’t parents.You remember we’d look at hassled mothers dragging screaming children round the shops and think: “For chrissake! Get a grip on yourself and the child, it can’t be that difficult, the human race has been round for a long time!”And you’d listen to them moaning on and on about how tired they were and you’d look at them unbelieving “Good God woman all you have to do is stay at home all day!...more
@naked_mommy Oh yes I do the same now too! Re the animals, they came before the kids and anyway ...more

Sending Mixed Signals as Moms

This blog post might hit a few nerves so I apologize in advance if you get offended by this. It is not my intention to offend, its just my intention to say what I feel....more

One Mom's Quest to 'Roo the Day

On a midnight drive home after a September concert, I was completely sure about one thing. "We're going.""Where?" my husband Ryan asked."To Bonnaroo. We're going to Bonnaroo."And from that moment, we were in. It wasn't hard to convince my friend Gemi to go along, plans were made, and eventually, bags were packed -- a lot of 'em....more

The Potty

Ok, Matthew’s almost nineteen months old. By the guidelines we’ve seen, it’s a little iffy whether or not he’s totally ready for potty training.But here’s why I think he is…...more

She's a Klingon!

Self-Disclosure: I had to Google “Klingon” because the only thing I know about them is that they have bumpy foreheads and they look pretty mean. After my exhaustive research, I’m satisfied with the conclusion that my daughter Maggie is not, in fact, a Klingon, but more of a Clinger....more